Moyer Nixes Max


Last night’s story line was billed as a 23-year-old flame thrower making his first major league start against a 45-year-old making his 558th start.

It ended up being no contest as the Phillies bats came alive in the series opener as Jamie Moyer picked up the win over Max Scherzer.

Arizona manager Bob Melvin said it best in Ken Mandel’s story: “He (Moyer) rope-a-dopes you to death. I know first hand.  He throws a 74-mhp change and backs it up with a 71-mph change and cuts it to both sides of the plate.  He reads hitter’s swings and he’ll go slower than slow.  He’s been doing it for a while.”

Scherzer can register 98 mph on the radar.  The gun practically falls asleep when Moyer pitches.  The only time the lefty uses a gun is spring training.  He wants to make sure his change lacks enough speed.

Moyer chipped in two of the Phillies 17 hits.  When he cam to bat the third time, Phillies radio voice Scott Franzke reported: “Jamie has a single and a double.  He’s half-way to hitting for the cycle.” 

Good to see the Phillies mix in some base hits and winning a game without a home run.  Going into the game, the Phillies had scored 70 of their 150 runs via the long ball.  During the Giants series, it was either home runs or SF errors that led to Phillies runs.

Moyer won the only game for the Phillies against the Diamondbacks a year ago.  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat.

Appreciate the enthusiastic responses to yesterday’s Insider urging fans to vote for Pat Burrell during the All-Star balloting process.

Pat went 0-for-5 and snapped his streak of reaching base safely in 30 consecutive games. Did we jinx him?

On the one response that ballots weren’t distributed in Section 133 on Sunday, will check on that.  But, keep in mind there are displays throughout Citizens Bank Park that contain ballots.

So we can’t vote more than 25 times online.  Still the most convenient way to vote.


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