Bullpen Does It

Perhaps getting to Denver yesterday at the same time that the morning newspapers were being delivered didn’t bother the Phillies.

Trailing, 5-2, after five, the Phillies came back for a big 9-5 win.  Three double plays by the defense overcame three errors in the field.  Three home runs powered the offense and struggling Carlos Ruiz came up with a big two-run double to give the Phillies the lead.

But, the key was the bullpen.  Clay Condrey, Rudy Seanez, Tom Gordon and Brad Lidge held the Rockies scoreless on one hit over the last four innings. 

As David Murphy wrote in the Daily News today, Utley is swinging a torrid home run bat but it was his glove that started a game-saving double play in the third inning.  It has Web Gem written all over it for ESPN highlights. 

“He launched himself parallel to the infield dirt and somehow managed to snag Clint Barmes’ hard chopper that seemed destined for center field.  After landing flat on his torso, he raised his glove and shoveled the ball to shortstop Eric Bruntlett, who made a quick throw to first base for an inning-ending double play,” Murphy descriptively wrote.

The play saved two runs when the Rockies were already leading, 3-0.

The win was the Phillies’ 177th on the road, most in the National League since 2004.

Phillies lead the NL:
       Pinch-hitting average, .324
       Pinch-hits, 11
       Pinch homers, 3
       RBI by pinch-hitters, 7
       Home runs, 33
       Bullpen ERA, 2.84


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