Utley Take Power On The Road


Chase Utley is on a long ball roll.  His two homers last night were huge in a huge must-win game for us.

As everyone knows–or should know–he’s homered in four straight games, a total of five long balls.

The club record is five consecutive games shared by Dick Allen, May 27-28, 30-June, 1969; Mike Schmidt, July 6-10, 1976 and Bobby Abreu, May 8-12, 2005.    The major league record is eight games in a row.

Chase’s home run streak has vaulted him into the National League lead.  Last second baseman to lead the NL in homers?  Ryne Sandberg, 40, 1990.  It is only April so we shouldn’t get carried away on that front. 

Utley takes his power show on the road as the Phillies open a two-game series in Denver’s Coors Field tonight.  Among his 17 hits in that park are four home runs.

Tough Trip
Yes, major league players travel on charter planes, stay in first-class hotels and get to see the county.  Well, this trip is a dandy–seven games against three different teams.

Frank Coppenbarger is the Director, Team Travel and Clubhouse Services.   He issues an itinerary before every trip. 

A Delta charter was scheduled to depart Philly at 1:00 a.m. (EDT) following last night’s ESPN telecast. The cost of the Delta charter for the four-hour flight: $63,750.  A total of 49 persons were on the manifest. 

Game equipment amounts to 5,000 pounds.  Personal luggage for the traveling party, 3,500 pounds.

Two buses and two trucks are scheduled on arrivals.  The buses transport the traveling party to the hotel.  One truck takes the game equipment to the ballpark and the other, carries the luggage to the hotel.

Estimated arrival at the Denver airport was 3 a.m. (MDT).  Add another 40-45 minutes for the bus ride to the hotel which means the players got there room keys around 3:45 a.m. (MDT).  Their luggage probably arrived 30-45 minutes later.  Most of the time, everyone goes to bed as soon as possible and has the luggage delivered to the room when they get awake, rather than wait.

Kyle Kendrick, tonight’s starting pitcher, flew to Denver earlier on Sunday so that he could get a good night’s rest, a common practice in baseball.

The players unpack today, play tonight, pack tomorrow morning, leave for Milwaukee after tomorrow’s night game, unpack on Wednesday but pack again Thursday morning for an afternoon game with the Brewers that day and then head for Pittsburgh post-game.  They unpack on Friday and pack again Sunday morning for a flight home that evening.

Coppenbarger’s itinerary also includes the following notes:
 **On arrival in Denver (move watches back 2 hours).
 **On arrival in Milwaukee (move watches ahead 1 hour).
 **On arrival in Pittsburgh (move watches ahead 1 hour).

Sleeping, eating and daily routines require adjustments this week, a week of three different time zones.


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