Burrell on Top


80-degree day, a Friday night game against the Mets and a match-up of Cole Hamels and Johan Santana.

It doesn’t get any better than that at Citizens Bank Park.  The place will be jumping.

With two outstanding left-handers, it has the makings of a great pitching match-up like Robin Roberts/ Don Newcombe (Phillies-Dodgers) in the 1950s and Steve Carlton/Tom Seaver (Phillies-Mets) in the 1970s.  Baseball being unpredictable means it will probably wind up being a 12-10 slugfest.

Burrell On Top
Pat leads the NL with 17 RBI.

Which brings up several questions:

What is his best April?  Glad you asked, 2005 and 2006, 21 each.

What is the club record for April?  Again, glad you asked, 22, by Von Hayes in 1989, playing 22 games.

Am I sure he has 17 RBI this month?  Well…..oops, no.  He had one on opening day which was March 31, so he has 16 this month. 

Okay, then who holds the Phillies record for most RBI in the month of March?  That was easy to research because this March 31 was the third time in club history that the Phillies opened the season on that date. 

Okay, but what is the answer?  2, shared by Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley this year!

So, there’s your history lesson for today.

A Reminder
3:55 p.m. FOX game of the week tomorrow and 8:05 ESPN Sunday Night Game, meaning Phillies fans around the country can catch the games via national TV.

Minor League Review
The first of weekly reviews of the Phillies minor league system is now posted in the Minor League Affiliates section of this site:  http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/phi/downloads/y2008/phi_041708.pdf



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Any word on why minor leaguer Adrian Cardenas hasn’t played for Clearwater in a few days? Thanks.

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