Two of three


One of the formulas for being a champion is to take two out of three games in a series.

The Phillies just did that against the Cubs over the weekend.  Even though two wins were welcomed, we lost a chance for a sweep on Sunday.

The extra inning loss was the result of several factors, lack of hitting with runners on base by us (2-11),  too many runners left on base (15), a bad call by third base ump Adrian Johnson on a home run ball (replays showed it was a foul ball), a great defensive play by Derrek Lee to rob Carlos Ruiz of a game-winning hit in the 9th and Chase Utley’s throwing error of a potential inning-ending double play in the top of the 10th.  The errant toss plated the winning run.

Utley’s error may have cost the Phillies the game but he will win more games than he loses. Book it.

Day Off
Second day off of the young season for everyone but Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino.  Both came in for treatments with the athletic training staff.

Jimmy hopes to play tomorrow night but that decision won’t be made until he has more treatment and works out. 

Shane’s on the DL but the injury isn’t as severe as last year when he missed a month..

Premiere Showing
“Richie Ashburn: A Baseball Life” will be premiered this evening during the 17th Philadelphia Film Festival, a sold out event at the Prince Music Theatre in center city.

The 95-minute DVD can be ordered on now.  The video will be on sale at the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Citizens Bank Park on April 22.

Ashburn’s major league debut came on April 20, 1948.  His death came 11 years ago this coming September 9.

The entertaining DVD is written and produced by Dan Stephenson, our award-winning video production guru.

Jackie Robinson Day
Phillies, along with all other major league clubs, are paying tribute to Jackie Robinson’s 61st anniversary of breaking the color barrier in baseball tomorrow.

Members of the Philadelphia Stars, the Negro League team in the city, will be on hand tomorrow as will Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts, who faced Jackie so many times.

Rollins, in a tribute to Jackie, will wear number 42 tomorrow as will Michael Bourn, the Houston centerfielder and lead-off hitter.

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Hi Larry…with yet another horrible call on the books such as the foul ball homer in yesterday’s game, why is it do you think that MLB has yet to gain more ground towards the use of instant replay on major, game changing plays, such as these? Time can’t be used as an excuse. It took way more time up for Charlie to argue the play and get thrown out of the game than it would have to see a replay and get the call right. Don’t we have a spare umpire at every game anyway in case one goes down? Why can’t that spare umpire sit in the booth, watch the replay monitor and radio down the correct decision to the HP Ump? There would have to be a lot of limits to its use obviously, but things like what happened yesterday that completely change the fabric of the game should not be allowed to happen in this age of technology. Thanks,


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