Kyle Grounds Pirates

It was Kyle Kendrick’s time to step up and he did in a biog way, five scoreless innings this afternoon against the Pirates.

Kyle is a sinker ball pitcher who needs location to be successful.  He was on target today.  10 of his 15 outs were ground ball outs, vintage Kyle.  Earlier in camp, he struggled with location.  The Phillies have now had five consecutive solid outings from their starting pitchers.  Actually, over the last six games (4-2), starters have an ERA of 2.00.

Long balls by Ryan Howard, Geoff Jenkins and Pedro Feliz provided the offense.

While the Pirates game was going on at Bright House Field, Brad Lidge was next door at Carpenter Field getting his first game action.  He faced five minor league hitters and struck out two.

After the game next Thursday in Lakeland, the Phillies will return to Philadelphia, thus ending spring training.

7:45 a.m. bus for a 2 hour-45 minute, 125-mile journey south for Ft. Myers and an afternoon game against the Twins.  No radio or TV.  Adam Eaton start.   

As is the case with road games, a handful of position players and a bevy of pitchers will work out at Bright House Field in the morning.

Games at Carpenter Field in the afternoon include the AAA and AA clubs, hosting the Blue Jays.  Brett Myers will start one of those games.

Ricky Bottalico is in camp for a few days.  He’s going to be part of the Service Electric TV crew that televises the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

WPHT’s Michael Smerconish will be broadcasting his shown from the Diamond Dugout tomorrow from 7 to 9 a.m.

Survey Says
Favorite TV show growing up?  “Married with children,” Brett Myers.


I think Krazy K has a bright future that starts this year, Howard already seems to be in mid season form and when hes on the money theres no one to stop him. And since Burrell is fighting for his life, with it being the last year on his monster contract and all, he should protect the big guy pretty well. Also,Jenkins and Feliz are proving to be great pickups and will hopefully will start an outfield contreversy which makes everyone fighting for a spot much better.

only jenkins will cause a contreversy, my bad

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