The strong gusty winds of the last few days have died down and the Gulf of Mexico waters are calmer.  So is Charlie Manuel.

Amazing what three straight wins will do for a team, manager, the fans and my personality.

Stepping up today were Cole Hamels and Geoff Jenkins.  Cole was his dominating self for six innings and received a large round of applause when he walked to the clubhouse in the left field corner.  Jenkins hit his first bomb of the spring.

Hamels followed Chad Durbin and Brett Myers with impressive outings during the winning streak.  Getting consistent starting pitching is so key.  Jamie Moyer gets the nod tomorrow against the Rays in St. Pete.

We Have A Winner
Yes, the first post yesterday has the correct answer to Sunday’s trivia question: Who has worn # 99 in Phillies history (New outfielder So Taguchi is wearing that number this year).

Mitch Williams in 1993 and Turk Wendell in 2001.

I’m sure Ted Kazanksi appreciates everyone remembering him.  His career with the Phillies was 1953-58.  At some point, I’ll check out his uniform numbers.

Survey Says
Favorite gadget?

Pedro Feliz (cell phone)
Brett Myers (iPod)
Jayson Werth (xbox 360)
Brad Lidge (lap top)
Clay Condrey (Ryobi drill)
Ryan Madon (universal remote)

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I was wondering if there is any video available regarding the “Broadway rendition” performed at the game a few days ago. Sounded like something YouTube would like but I haven’t seen anything yet.

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