Yankees Next

It was a quiet day back at Bright House Field with the majority of the camp in Bradenton.  Those players not on the trip, worked out here this morning and then had the rest of the day off.

It won’t be quiet here tomorrow.  The Yankees are coming.

As indicated yesterday, 500 tickets to the outfield berm will go on sale at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.  All the seats are sold.

Weather will be great and fans back in the Philly area can see the game on CW Philly 57.  Harry Kalas and Tom McCarthy arrived today and will be behind the mike.  Matter of fact, all broadcasters who do the games, radio or TV, are now in Clearwater.

The Yankees also mean a lot of media.  All seats in the press box are labeled to make sure the major media folks have seats.

Chien-Ming Wang from Taiwan will be pitching for the Yankees. Media from Taiwan and China are on the list.

With So Taguchi on our roster, we have more Japanese media here on a daily basis.  Media from Latin America will also be coming to camp from time to time.  Baseball truly is an international game.

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