Game Time

Guess what.  I wrote a brilliant blog yesterday and then forgot to post it.  Please, no wisecracks about the memory of Senior Citizens. 

Weather permitting, the Phillies begin games tonight against Florida State University.  LHP Joe Savery is the starter.  A year ago he was pitching for Rice University.

The young players will get a lot of exposure in the early games.  Players will still be dressed and ready to go at 10 a.m. (for 1 p.m. games).  Batting practice and infield practice is routine for home games.  Fundamental drills, many of which have been on the daily docket, will continue probably 3-4 times a week.

With so many pitchers in camp, the Phillies and Pirates have scheduled morning “B” games.  Friday’s game will take place at 9:30 at Pirate City, the team’s minor league complex in Bradenton.  On Monday, March 3, there will be another “B” game, this one at Bright House Field.  Same time, 9:30 a.m.  Gates will open at 9:30 so fans can basically see two games for the price of one on that date.  Gates normally open at 10:30 a.m.

Today, the players were scheduled to be in uniform at 3:30 for the FSU night game.  Jamie Moyer was in full uniform at 1:30 and working on his pick off move to first base on the half field with pitching coaches Rich Dubee and Rod Nichols.  He was out there for an hour.  He’s still trying to perfect his game.  Talk about a professional.

The J. D. Durbin golf team of Adam Eaton, Chad Durbin, Joe Swanhart (clubhouse assistant) and Kevin Gregg (media relations assistant) emerged as the winning entry in Sunday’s team golf outing.  They were one of three teams that were 13 under.  Through a tie-breaker system, they were crowned the champs.

First radio broadcast on WPHT Talker 1210 is tomorrow afternoon (Reds) . . . First internet broadcast on is Thursday afternoon (Pirates) . . . First TV game on CW Philly 57 is Saturday afternoon (Yankees).  Game time in each case is 1:05.

Ray Koob of WMGK will be in camp the next three nights, a 7 o’clock to midnight show.  Tonight, the show will originate from the Tiki Bar here at the park.  Tomorrow and Thursday from the Palm Pavilion, a popular hangout for players and staff on Clearwater Beach.

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