Any News?

Posted at 1:00 p.m.

Let’s see.  Any news in camp?

Yes, Brad Lidge hurt his knee in BP yesterday.  Ken Mandel, beat writer for, will cover the news on this front when it is available.

How do we disseminate news of this kind?  Once we receive the test results, Ruben Amaro (Assistant GM) and Scott Sheridan (head athletic trainer) brief the media.  We hold off  commenting until we have the results and facts.

There’s no need to panic.  Better to have injuries now rather than in August or September.   Ideally, no injuries are the preference.  But that is unrealistic in any sport.

Golf Time
The annual golf outing for the team is this afternoon, weather-permitting. (Scattered thunderstorms are predicted).

12 different captains held a draft on Friday of players and staff who wanted to play golf.  John Ennis is the defending champion captain.  “I’ve got a pretty good team (Clay Condrey, Chris Coste, Joe Bisenius, Ron Chiavacci and Gene Dias (CR Director),” bragged Ennis. 

Where should we check out the tourney?  ESPN? Golf Channel? Comedy Channel?

“My team will be on the golf channel but some of the teams will definitely qualify for the comedy channel,” laughed Ennis.

Mick Billmeyer is another captain.  He selected Mike Compton, Carlos Ruiz, Chris Wheeler and Shane Victorino.  “I’ve got a team of jockeys (all are under 6-feet tall)” Billmeyer joked after the draft.  Then, Ryan Howard walked in to say he forgot to sign up but wanted to play.  Mick quickly added Howard to his team.  “Now, I’ve got the big horse.”

Cynthia Sass, a nutritionist, spoke to the entire camp this morning.  She was brought on board a year ago to stress the importance of eating properly.  Healthy food options for the players in the clubhouse and on charter flights replaced previous menus . . . TBS TV was here to tape promo spots with some of the players for use on the national telecasts this season . . . Friday night’s PhanFest at Bright House Field raised $16,288.  The proceeds will be divided between Clearwater For Youth, Clearwater Little League and the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast . . . Tomorrow is the final day of the daily workouts as the games begin on Tuesday night with Florida State University. Game time is 7:05 p.m.


I know I am not the only fan that would love to see the golf outing. Comcast should cover it. It would be better to watch than the Flyers.

I would also enjoy watching it. Perhaps they could add a charity element to it and televise it while they raise money. Sorry, that is the MBA in me coming out!

I am anxious to hear about Brad Lidge’s knee. Hopefully he is just feeling some of the normal pains a person feels rehabbing from this injury.

Thanks for the updates!


The games start tomorrow… For me that’s reason for excitement.

The Lidge situation isn’t ideal, but it could be worse. He’ll be back before we know it.

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