Mother nature joined the workout today with thunder and rain ending the on-the-field stuff around 11 a.m.

The most popular places became the weight room and the two indoor batting cages at Bright House Field.  Pitchers migrated to the weight room for conditioning and hitters lined up to get their cuts in in the cages.  Hitters never seem to tire of hitting.  The games are busy as early as 8 every morning.

Before the workout, the players had dermatology and eye exam, a spring training tradition.

Rain also cut short a tryout camp at the Joe DiMaggio fields across the street.  70 players who have been in the various independent leagues were invited to show off their skills to the Phillies staff.  It is simply leaving no stone unturned.

The tryout will continue at 9 tomorrow morning.

Ex-Phillie Von Hayes, who will be the manager Lancaster Barnstormers in the Atlantic League, was also on hand to check out the players.

Another Honor
Jimmy Rollins will receive the J. Warren Hughes Champion for Youth Award tonight at the annual Clearwater for Youth Banquet.  The award has been presented for 22 years to the person whose “virtue, character and athletic contribution are an inspiration to today’s youth.”

Rollins is being recognized for all the charity work he does in the community.

Say What?
Todd Zolecki, in the Inquirer earlier this week, ran a note from Baseball Prospectus.com.  The sit released its PECOTA projected standings for 2008: Mets 96-66, Braves 86-76, Phillies 84-78.

What does PECOTA stand for?  Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm. Sounds like a runaway computer geek.  Notice, common sense isn’t part of the description.  Too many dotcoms in this world.

Besides, the only PECOTA I’ve ever heard of was Bill, the Atlanta Brave Mitch Williams struck out to give the Phillies the 1993 National League pennant.

Video, Video, Video
That’s the in-thing on websites these days.  Thanks to Scott Palmer, the Phillies are pioneers in bringing you inside scoops of spring training.  Just look for Scott’s photo on the main page and click away.  Ryan Howard can be a clown. Check out Scott’s piece on Adam Eaton.



What’s the latest on Lidge? I’m hoping it’s just scar tissue and he’ll be back on the mound in a few days. We don’t need our closer injured going into the season.


Fool me once shame on you,(Freddie) fool me twice shame on ……..
Ok Brett back to the bullpen.

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