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Well, it is official, Pedro Feliz is our new third baseman.  He was on our radar a few years ago when Scott Rolen wanted to be traded but the Giants wouldn’t part with Pedro as part of a deal.

Pedro passed a physical exam this morning and now the Phillies have one of the best infields in baseball.  Talk about the long ball, how about 119 from the foursome of Howard-Utley-Rollins-Feliz. 

He also brings the best fielding percentage among last year’s NL third basemen, .973.  He made just 11 errors.  Defense is one of our strong points and that phase of the game has gotten better.  Good defense can be a huge boost for a pitching staff.

A right-handed hitter who has 100 homers over the last five seasons, Pedro helps balance the attack.  Howard, Utley and Jenkins provide power from the left side; Burrell, Feliz, Werth and Ruiz from the right side with Rollins and Victorino being switch hitters.

Another plus: the Phillies bench just got stronger and deeper.  Dobbs and Helms will have new roles.  The bench reminds me of the 1977 Phillies when Danny Ozark could call on right-handed hitters in Davey Johnson, Ollie Brown and Jerry Martin and left-handed hitters in Tommy Hutton and Jay Johnstone.

As Rich Hofmann pointed out in his Daily News column yesterday, Feliz’ arrival means Charlie Manuel won’t have to use two players per game at third base, leaving him with more late-game options.

People were concerned that the Phillies lost a lot of offense when Aaron Rowand (27 HR, 89 RB) signed with the Giants.  Say hello to 41 HR and 136 RBI by the Feliz/Jenkins combo. 

Speaking of Feliz and Jenkins, each free agent has signed a two-year contract, meaning both will be around in 2009, giving the Phillies a lot of stability.

Critics have said Feliz has a lousy on-base-percentage because he doesn’t walk much.  As fellow Dominican Juan Samuel once said, “We didn’t get off the island by walking.  We got here swinging the bat.” 

The team that led the NL in runs scored just got stronger.


Well Feliz’s lifetime OBP of .288 might be excused by swinging the bat to get off the island, except for the fact that his lifetime AVG is .252, so he isn’t connecting very often. Feliz is barely an upgrade over the Helms/Dobbs combo, and saying he is because he has more “pop in his bat” is about as old school as it gets. A few years ago we had guy who could have played 3B who’s doing a nice job hitting and fielding for the Tigers. These personnel moves are always easier to judge in the rear view mirror.

I love seein the new 3rd base man. He is going to really help the Phillies in 2008.

The Ultimate Baseball Collector

The Phillies DO have the best infield in baseball. This is the first time they can say this since they signed Pete Rose in 1979 to join Manny Trillo, Larry Bowa, and Mike Schmidt. It is a great time to be a Phillies fan!



Have to agree with Bill & Chris here…nice move. And I look forward to seeing Pedro’s HR production go up in CBP…a much friendlier park for him I think. I do hope though we still get see some playing time out of Dobbs…still like his bat in this line-up! Overall, can’t wait until Spring Training!

See ya,


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