NY Cheers J-Roll


Jeers turned into cheers.

A year ago Jimmy Rollins put a bull’s eye on his uniform when he said the Phillies were the team to beat in the NL East.  It certainly got the attention of the New York media and fans.  In the end, Rollins’ prediction came true.

On Sunday night, Jimmy received his 2007 NL MVP Award at the New York Baseball Writers Association of America banquet, a major black tie event.  It was a pretty powerful baseball banquet with all the national award winners, new Hall of Famers Goose Gossage and **** Williams, Luis Tiant, Denny McLain, Yogi Berra, Bobby Murcer, Brian Cashman, Omar Minaya, Joe Girardi, Willie Randolph and Zoba Chamberlain.

There were no jeers for Jimmy on Sunday night, just cheers.

Willie Randolph (Mets manager), prior to making one of the presentations kidded Jimmie: “Any more predictions for me?”

When it came time for Jimmy to receive his award the presenter was none other than Alex Rodriquez, the AL MVP winner.  A-Rod was styling, the only person dressed in a black velvet tux.

“When we have interleague play it gives us a chance to see players in the other league,” said A-Rod.  “I love to watch shortstops in batting practice and games.  I’m very interested in Jimmy’s game.  I saw his passion, his all-around talent.  I could see he is a great player, a complete package.  I’m a really big fan of his.”

Rollins was terrific in his acceptance speech, thanking the New York fans for “inspiring me in 2007.”  “When I was like 17, we went to Seattle.  I wanted to see Ken Griffey Jr. and A-Rod play.  They were my inspirations.”

Jimmy also thanked A-Rod, his dad (“for taking line drives off his arms during back-yard hitting”) and his mom (“for teaching me to talk trash”).  That last comment drew a huge J-Roll smile and laughter from the 1,000-plus audience.

Hopefully, next year we can make our fifth appearance at the New York banquet this decade (Larry Bowa, 2001 NL Manger of the Year), Ryan Howard (2005 Rookie of the Year, 2006 NL MVP) and J-Roll.

Might was well stay on a roll.

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