1-2 Punch


Late last month, Dayn Perry, an author and one of the talented baseball contributors on FOXSPORTS.COM, wrote a story about the top ten 1-2 pitching punches in the majors for 2008 in his crystal ball.

LHP Cole Hamels and RHP Brett Myers were listed as No. 8 in Perry’s story:
1. Brandon Webb and Dan Haren (Diamondbacks)
2. C. C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona (Indians)
3. Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano (Twins)
4. Jake Peavy and Chris Young (Padres)
5. Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum (Giants)
6. Brad Penny and Chad Billingsley (Dodgers)
7. John Lakey and Kelvim Escobar (Angels)
8. Hamels and Myers
9. Scott Kazmir and James Shields (Rays)
10. John Smoltz and Tim Hudson (Braves)

Very interesting list.  Probably open for debate but that’s OK.  There’s been a lot written that the American League is superior to the NL.  Well, on this list, six of the 10 are from the NL.

There’s little doubt that strong starting pitching is a key for any team seeking to be a World Champion.  Pitching, these days, is such a scarce commodity. 

The Phillies leading winners a year ago were Hamels (15-5) and Jamie Moyer (14-12).  Double figure wins came from rookie Kyle Kendrick (10-4) and Adam Eaton (10-10).  A lot of people are down on Eaton but on July 20, he was 9-6.  After that it was downhill, with a shoulder ailment part of the reason (DL in mid- to late August).

As Phillies fans know, adding pitching was a priority this winter and the organization’s major move in this area was to trade for a closer (Brad Lidge) and move Myers back into the rotation.  Simply put, there was no free agent pitcher on the market as good as Myers. 

Not to be overlooked was the re-signing of lefty J. C. Romero, a vital bullpen piece.  Without J. C. we wouldn’t have won the NL East last year.

Myers’ career record as a starter is 54-42; Hamels, 24-13.  Both are on the young side, Myers, 27; Hamels, three years younger.  They can be good and for a long time, barring injuries.

Who was the best 1-2 punch in Phillies history?  What are your thoughts?

Before signing off today, please be aware three online chats on this site are scheduled over the next week: Ruben Amaro Jr., tomorrow (1/11), 3:00 p.m.;  Pat Burrell, Wednesday, 5:15 p.m. and Chase Utley, Thursday, 3:30 p.m.  More chats will follow.  Stay tuned.


The best one two punch the Phillies have had in my lifetime was Steve Carlton and John Denny in 1983. Of course with Carlton winning the Cy Young Award in ’82 and Denny in ’83 makes other combos hard to compare but Robin Roberts and Curt Simmons could also be argued.




Agreed, and add Bunning and Short

This looks great if Brett can keep his head screwed on & Cole can pitch the whole season.

We missed the best combination of all time. Grover Cleveland Alexander (31-10) and Erskine Mayer (21-15) in 1915!


Reason for slow starts? – Charlie Manual needs to give this team (and it’s a good one)ample time to play together and gel in spring training. In past few springs the Phils played players that weren’t going to make the team, right up to the last day of spring training and the team was not ready for the start of the season. While other teams were playing the team they are taking north and giving it the last 2 weeks of spring to gel. The Phils need to figure this out if they are going to win 100 games

Eric Bedard added to Cole and Bret would give the Phils a real rotation instead of patchwork at the back end. He can still be traded for!
It will cost us Shane Victorino, Kyle Kendrick, Greg Colson and Josh Outman. Not too much to get to a world series. People in the American League are touting the same two, Boston and New York. Detroit though has the best team and they built it this winter. We’re right around the corner from matching them. It starts with super quality pitching!

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