Day 5

December 6

The Phillies entourage is heading back to Philly this evening.  In the last day of the Winter Meetings the Phillies grabbed a pair of pitchers in the Rule 5 draft, left-handed starter Travis Blackley and right-handed reliever Lincoln Holdzcom.

Both will be in camp that starts on February 14 for pitchers and catchers.  Arms are such a premium it is worth checking them out.  The price was $50,000 each.

How do the Phillies go about finding players for the Rule 5 draft?

       (1) All the minor league development personnel (managers, coaches, instructors) file reports on players they see and like from other minor league organizations.   
       (2) The Phillies have a staff of four scouts who concentrate on following pro teams.
       (3) Scouting coordinators, regional supervisors and amateur scouts add pro coverage to their schedules once the June draft is over.

In the case of Blackley, Charley Kerfeld and Joey Davis turned in reports.  For Holdszom, it was Del Unser, Ron Hansen and Kerfeld. 

Years ago, scouting reports filled several large three-ring binders.  The books weighed a ton. Quite a few suitcases have gone to suitcase heaven after lugging these reports.

Today, it is all computerized.  Numerous staffers under Pat Gillick review all the reports and create a potential list.  Follow up conversations with the scouts who filed reports often take place to narrow the list.  The idea is to get as much information on the player as possible.

Time will tell if Blackley and Holdzcom can help the 2008 staff.  The Phillies’ needs remain a starter, reliever, a fifth outfielder and an upgrade at third base.

Some groundwork was laid this week future deals or signings.  Just because the meetings ended, doesn’t mean the Phillies are done trying to improve the club.  As has been said before, there’s a long way between now and opening day.

We’ll spend if it is the right situation.  As Mike Arbuckle said, “We don’t want to pay Cadillac prices when we’re getting a Ford Focus.”

Since the season ended, the Phillies have made improvements: Brad Lidge became the closer, Brett Myers moved into the rotation and J. C. Romero was added to the bullpen.  That’s not putting the gear shift in reverse. 


Acquiring Lidge really did help the pitching staff with Myers moving into the rotation. In saying that, we did lose a bat in our lineup. I doubt Vic, Dobbs, Snelling, and Werth can make up for the production lost losing Rowand (assuming he’s gone).

The good thing theoff-season isn’t over yet, and I still think we’ll see some upgrades.

Soooooooo…… the purpose to the entourage going to the Winter meetings was???? Sorry, I really do think the Phils have to up-grade or next season will not be as much fun as this one turned out to be. I still think keeping Aaron is important & why did Victorino’s name keep coming up in pitching trade rumors? Hope Pat & the boys get something done!

Hey Larry,

This is a link to the site if you wanted to see it- but if you didn’t want to go to the link, I can summarize some questions general fans have…

-Why doesn’t the Phillies spend over slot money? I mean I understand that if everyone spends over slot, then it becomes a problem, but the Phillies farm system to could use some instant retooling. I feel like the Tigers felt that they could trade away prospects because they usually bust slot and sign great young players. Why doesn’t the Phillies adopt that strategy? Another 5 million in drafting, can get us MUCH better players and pitchers than 12 million for Carlos Silva.

the Phillies should read Jjim Salisbury’s article in the Sunday Inquirer. Management needs to make bold moves rather than continue to go after second level players like the Adam Eaton’s and Iguichi’s of the world. that is all Anthony Reyes and Joe Crede are. Brandon Inge is a first level player.


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