Day 4

Wednesday, December 5

What was reported here yesterday isn’t much different from today: 8 a.m. meeting, followed by phone calls, conversations and then a 3:30 gathering in the Phillies’ Suite.

More updates from other clubs on the trade front and discussions with agents for free agents.    From the major league end, the meetings end with the Rule 5 draft tomorrow morning.  The Phillies continued to pour over their options and placed them in a pecking order, first choice, second, third and fourth. 

Releasing RHP Julio Mateo today opened up another roster spot.  The Phillies go into the draft with 38 players on the winter roster, two shy of the limit.  It is possible the Phillies will select one or two players.  And, it is also possible their selections will be gobbled up before they get a chance to draft.  Among the teams that don’t have full rosters, the Phillies will select 15th.  The potential also exists that they can trade up to get an earlier pick.

Charlie Manuel had a full day……a 30-mimute session with the media at 9:30 a.m. in the working media room, an interview with, an interview with Scott Palmer for this website a managers luncheon with the media and an interview with Kevin Kennedy on XM Radio at 4 in the afternoon.

Comment Corner
Brandon Inge has been mentioned in comments.  Once again, we can’t comment on him because of the tampering rule.


Hopfully Gillick can find a diamond in the Rule 5. Overall the winter Meetings have been real quiet, especially on the Phillies front.

Any word on outfield front? The only thing I’ve read is McLouth, but he’s a lefty bat who can’t hit right-handed pitching. With reports Rowand most likely will not be back, hopefully they’re looking at someone. Mike Cameron could be a good option with a lower salary then most. Burrell, Victorino, and Werth as the starting outfield doesn’t seem too promising, epsecially when we’re trying to build on last year’s division title.

Let Rowand and his agent know that the fans would like him to sign the four-year deal Pat is willing to possibly offer, please. The money that the team is willing to pay sounds like it is not the issue. We need his defensive play and his bat to continue the high scoring! We can’t assume that we’ll score enough runs without him, and it looks like we’ll need to score an abundance of runs because the pool of pitchers isn’t very deep. I just don’t have enough faith in our pitching, mainly with Eaton. Can we sign Lohse if he’s still available? He’s a proven innings-eater.

You know its becoming rather obvious that the Phils won’t pay for pitching (after Freddy&Adam signings mess) & they evidently can’t trade because they do not have enough to offer so…….they could end up with a team less talented and weaker in both pitching and hitting then last year! That does not sound like playoffs in 2008! Come on guys get some help or we go backwards! Please!

A new rumor circulating is a trade of Victorino and Kendrick for the O’s Bedard. What’s up with that? A young pitcher for a young pitcher AND Victorino? Not a smart move! Let’s not remove any more speed and offense for pitching! Pitching isn’t the cure-all, at least in the idea of losing all our offensive productivity!

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