Day 3

Tuesday, December 4

Much the same as yesterday, more updates on trade possibilities and free agent signings. 

As Ken Mandel has reported the Phillies have been in contact with the agent for Tadahito Iguchi to play third base.  Pat Gillick and some of his people ran into the agent at the ice cream parlor in the Delta plaza. 

Later, Pat and his people were in a serious discussion while sitting at the idle XM broadcasting table where the morning show takes place every day.  Pat will be at the same table at 7:05 Wednesday morning as a guest with Buck Martinez.

The 3:30 afternoon meeting covered a lot of ground as different staffers reported different updates.  Wish more inside could be provided but what happens in the suite stays there.

The Rule 5 draft is Thursday morning and the Phillies are still checking out some potential players to be drafted.

The big Marlins-Tigers deal appears to be for real.  Sometimes trade rumors turn out to be accurate.  Other times, announcements pop without advance warning (our deal for Brad Lidge, for example).  In mid-afternoon, the Marlins-Tigers rumor began to circulate but one didn’t know how hot it was because Miguel Cabrera was supposedly headed to other clubs.

The rumor that free agent outfielder Jose Guillen is getting $12 million a year for three years from KC certainly has to make Aaron Rowand smile.  We are still talking with Aaron’s agent but his market continues to climb.  As has been reported in several circles, his agent is looking for 5-6 years and many bills.

Comment Corner
Trading prospects was mentioned in respond to yesterday’s Insider. 

The biggest problem we face, which has been addressed by Pat and his two assistants, is that we right now don’t have a surplus of young prospects to trade.  Many clubs are looking for young players who are ready for the big leagues next year.  Our better prospects are down farther than AA or AAA. 

Trading three or four young prospects can really set back the player development program.  It can take several years to recoup.  We’ve been through that.  The lifeline of a solid major league organization is scouting and developing your own players. 

Noticed a comment in yesterday’s Dodgers blog about Cabrera going there: “The demands simply are too high for it to fit right now.”  Sometimes the demands of other clubs are too high.  Making trades on paper is easy.  In real life, it is very difficult.


Now that Detroit has made that blockbuster trade, the Phillies should seriously go after third baseman Brandon Inge and put Iguchi on the backburner.


I’d take Brandon Inge over Tad Iguchi at 3B. I like Iguchi, but I like him more at the role he played last season. He filled in at 2B, and was as trong bat off the bench. To stick him at #B, where he’s never played before could be disasterous.

Well we missed the D-Train now watch him get back on track as a Tiger! Iguchi is within reach Inge is wishful thinking. I keep waiting & waiting & waiting ………..

Thanks for the great response to trading prospects. I couldn’t imagine the Phillies without some of the home grown talent and agree it is not worth mortgaging the farm to get a player. Good luck at the meetings!

Why not Scott Rolen even though he is a trouble maker. He has worn out his welcome in St Louis. Charlie Manual being a players manager can probably turn him around enough to help the Phillies win another division.

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