November 29

For the first time since 1949, the Phillies will take to the field for a home game and will not be wearing red pinstripes.

As many of you are aware, the Phillies this afternoon introduced a new alternate uniform that will be worn at Citizens Bank Park for day games starting on April 3.  You can check the Photo Gallery on the main page of this site for still photos and click on “Phillies Unveil New Uniform” for video.  The Press Release is also posted on the home page.

The event was a production by a great team of front office personnel.  Another great Phillies production.

Media coverage was terrific.  Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Robin Roberts posed for numerous photographers and  did one-on-one interviews.  In addition, Pat Gillick, Ruben Amaro and Mike Arbuckle did a flood of interviews with baseball’s annual winter meetings coming up next week.  I’ll have more about that subject in a day or two.

Part of the noon-time show as a preview of the Phillies 2007 video home companion (fancy name for a highlight film).  The title of the video is “Goosebumps.”  Video Dan Stephenson did an outstanding job again as (1) writer, (2) producer, (3) director and (4) trusty camerman.  There’s a lot of talk in baseball that a player is “a five-tool player”.  Well, video Dan is a five-tool video expert.  I just can’t figure out his fifth tool.

Seeing a 13-minute excerpt of the video produced not only goosebumps but tears.  That final week of the season had to be on the greatest weeks in Phillies history. 

The video certainly made me hungry for baseball again.  Frank Coppenbarger, the Director of Team Travel, sent out an e-mail this afternoon, the most welcome e-mail we receive from his fingers: “The equipment truck to Clearwater will leave on February 7.”  Can’t wait.

Oh, one last thing: the new jerseys and caps are on sale now and Goosebumps will be available starting December 8.  Had to get in that commercial.


The new uniforms look great! I especially enjoyed the Phanatic being as graceful as ever! He is the best mascot in sports!

I always enjoy the productions that Dan Stephenson does. I did get chills just watching the exerpts. On the other hand, I think the new uni’s are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! They look more like pajamas than a sports uniform. If the Phightins ever play a ballgame at a slumber party, they’ll be covered. I hate to say it, but it may be enough to keep me away from daygames this year.

Larry – I am a fan of the new unis – but I enjoy the history of the game more than anything.

Question, and hopefully you will touch on this when you talk about the Winter Meetings in your next blog, how much organizational hiring goes on at the meetings? Would it be wise for someone looking to work in MLB to attend those?

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