Who's On Third?

November 6, 2007

There’s buzz on the message board now that Pat Gillick said the Phillies don’t have third base on a high priority. 

As Pat has indicated pitching remains the priority, a very high one.  You’ve read it here and elsewhere, getting quality pitching is going to be very difficult.  The Mets are looking for an innings-eater starter.  Welcome to the club.

I can understand the buzz that the Phillies didn’t get enough offensive production out of third base.  What people tend to forget, the Phillies get sky-high offensive production out of shortstop and second base, two positions that are weak on many, many other clubs.

The Silver Slugger Awards will be announced on Friday.  If Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley don’t win (offensive excellence at their positions), then they need to reconsider the parameters of the awards.  The numbers that pair put up and will continue to post, give the Phillies a huge edge. 

Pitching—starting, setup or relief.  That remains the major shopping list. 


I was a little surprised that Gillick would say 3B isn’t a priority, but the Phils get “Sliver Slugger” type production out of the middle infield so I guess it evens up a little. Usually if a team goes with sub-par offense they get above average defense, not the case here.

Good luck finding that pitching this off-season.


Congrats to Rollins and Rowand winning their first gold glove. Rollins defensive excellence is why he deserves the MVP. Third base is solid w/ Dobbs and Helms platooning. The outfield is also capable w/ the players in house. Seems like Gillick is high enough on Burrell to concentrate on pitching. However, my opinion is that resigning Rowand isn’t out of the question since he makes his home in Philly and batting right handed hitters b/w Utley and Howard were key to the stretch run. As for Gillick, of course he isn’t showing his hand, has he ever. Really, what does Gillick have to loose in his final year w/ the Phil’s. One over priced contract for the new GM isn’t bad compared to what he inherited.

How tough would it be to teach Rowand to play third?
Then put Victorino in CF and Wertz in RF.

Think you don’t need offense at 3rd base is silly. Suppose your SS or 2nd base go down! Try & improve at 3rd!!!!!

What about Nomar Garciaparra? The Dodgers want to upgrade at 3B, whether through free agency or via trade. That leaves Nomar on the trading block, and it probably won’t cost much. He’s due $8.5M next season. I have a full blog about it here: http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/silverfade80

I’ve tried, mostly in vain, to route for the Phillies since moving to the area years ago. Problem is even when they’re good they’re leadership doesn’t have the guts, the nerve, the determination, whatever you want to call it to take the final steps to what could make the team great. Money is always the excuse that is used to keep them from sealing any deal that lands them what is usually a last missing link to success. this year it’s third base, an obvious hole with a genuine star out on the block and the Phils showing no interest. Can anyone tell me that Miguel Cabrera isn’t a perfect fit for this team. A proven all star right handed clutch hitter entering his prime, Cabrera can play third or right field. Now I live the enthusiasm the Rowland brings to the game but the fact is in production, flexibility of position, power, and age Cabrera is just the right fit for Phillie. Seems always to come down to money tho and Phillie seems to always want to scrimp on the last dollar which is, unfortunately,always the last necessary link. Realistically, they aren’t going to go out and pay for a Santana type pitcher so go get an everyday player who will put your offense over the top, then buy a few sinker ball pitchers. Unfortunately, Cabrera, a dream made in heaven for this team is not even a consideration, and from here I see a 2008 team coming up once again, just little short.The powers that be need to take a look at the Boston’s .

God of Baseball, please look upon me and other Philly fans for a favor, I pray to you.

W. C. spells great team. Definative Championship caliber for years to come. What the Phillies need to get over the top Florida has it and they are willing to trade it. W. C.

Why should Detriot get it why?

Why should we be denied again.

We need 2 things 3rd baseman

with power and right handed.

And a real ace for our staff.

W. C.

Pray with me Philly fans.

W.C. W.C. W. C. W. C.

Oh please Baseball Gods hear us and make us happy for once.

All our other teams have forsakken us.

W.C. W.C. W.C. W.C.

lets start a collection plate

I honestly will donate my hard earned money for these 2 players.

W.C. W.C. W.C.

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