Plenty of Buzz

October 31, 2007

There are people who think pro football is more popular than pro baseball. 

We’re in the middle of the NFL season now.  The World Series is over.  Yet, baseball is getting plenty of exposure.  Baseball is the greatest talking game of any sport. 

We’re in the free agency period right now, players are filing and up until Nov. 12 teams can only talk to agents about interest.  Money can’t be talked about until after that date.  It is kind of like going to a candy store and not having any money.  Yummy-yums are everywhere.

There’s plenty of buzz in the air.  Fans are commenting on Phillies Insider and the message board on this site.  The front office is getting plenty of direction: “sign Aaron Rowand, don’t sign him.”  “Bring back Curt Schilling; please don’t.”  “You need a third baseman, not pitching.”

We’d like to re-sign Aaron, Kyle Lohse and J. C. Romero.  Instead of just calling the respective agents, Gillick and crew visited the agents the week after we were eliminated from the postseason.  Whether we can sign them remains to be seen.  By being free agents, they are entitled to check out the market.

Everyone knows the Phillies need pitching.  Everyone knows the market is thin (dangerous is how Gillick describes it). 

When the free agent market begins to unfold, alternate plans need to be in place.  If player A goes to club X, you need a plan B.  Perhaps free agency doesn’t fill a need but a trade does.  Being creative in the trade market is something that is being kicked around.

Talks will heat up next week when all the general managers meet in Orlando, Monday through Thursday.  More news and more rumors will be coming out next week.

Rumors are certainly a part of baseball, in-season and during the off-season.  Think back to the July 31 trading deadline and how much buzz there was.  I believe the NFL trading deadline was October 15. There was no buzz, just yawns. 


Let me post something that I am sure would raise Garcia’s hackles… but, were the “60 Minutes” news team to interview him, I wonder what he would say to the question of, “Given that the Phillies paid you $10M last year and you delivered to them very, very little, WHAT do you feel you owe them THIS year in terms of showing them some payback?”

Even though “it’s all about the money,” it would seem that if Garcia had any conscience, he would say, “Hey, team, I didn’t produce… let me show you that I can in 2008. If I can show that, we can then discuss 2009.”

A pipedream? Probably. Yet, it would show the Phillies that he has some class, assuming he can still pitch, if he tried to make up for them in 2008 that which he could not deliver in 2007… and to do it for free (he’s hardly poor). After all, the Phillies paid him $10M — doesn’t he have ANY sense of decency to show the Phillies that he isn’t “just about the money”?


Damn, I wish I could think of somehnitg smart like that!

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