Behind The Scenes

October 10, 2007

As everyone knows by now, Charlie Manuel has a new two-year extension, something he earned and deserves.  There’s no doubt he kept the ship afloat this season when there were a lot of leaks.

Thought you might be interested in what went on behind the scenes before this morning’s 10 o’clock press conference.

Charlie’s representative, Pat Rooney, met with Pat Gillick, Ruben Amaro Jr. and Mike Arbuckle yesterday.  Discussions went back and forth and by the end of the work day (5:30), there was no agreement.  About an hour later, Gillick called me to say the discussions were moving forward.

Some members of the media got wind of the discussions.  Once we got to the finish line (around 7:10 p.m.), the decision was made to make an announcement through a press release right away and then have a media conference this morning.  With media outlets rushing to put the announcement on their websites, there was no way we could hold an announcement until today.

We also sent the release immediately to our E-Mail Club (221,259 members).  Communicating with those fans is very important, in our eyes.

Several writers caught up to Charlie last night but the bulk of the media didn’t get to chat with him until this a.m.

One thing we try to do is make announcements on first.  It isn’t always easy, especially if you are announcing a trade and another team is involved.  When it is an announcement strictly from the Phillies, we can pop it first on our website.  That said, the Inquirer beat us to the punch last night, having something on their site before we could get it posted.  Most of the time beats everyone.  Last night, finished third.

So, in the future, check this site for the latest-breaking news.   Or, better yet, sign up to be an E-Mail Club member.


great to have charlie signed on again. did a great job. this team with charlie had “great chemistry”

I agree. This ballclub is going to have a very bright future.

I agree. This ballclub is going to have a bright future. I think we have a very good chance at making the playoffs again next year. See ya then.

You guys are nuts! While I have to give Charlie a little credit for being a players manager, you all seem to forget the bonehead moves he made on a regular basis…pulling offensive players for defensive substitutes too early in games and leaving us with no offense in late inning games we lost; screwing up the bullpen by pulling Romero too quickly and leaving Gordon in too long; pinch hitting Pete LaForrest? (Please???) The list goes on right up to pulling Kendrick in the 3rd in his first playoff game, a choker move if ever there was one, telling Kendrick and the rest of the team he had no faith in his second best starter and bringing is the game 4 starter (instead of Condrey) to grove a grand slam!
At a minimum, if the Phils are serious about winning now, how could they not wait to see how the Torre LaRussa jobs shake out? Nobody is goning to say with a straight face that good time Charlie is a better manager than either of these two guys? Hope you are all right, but I smell disaster!!!

GreenBurrito333 is my bro.

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