Clubhouse Getting Bare

October 9, 2007

Gray clouds are hanging over Citizens Bank Park, a sign of Mother Nature’s gloom since Game 5 of the NLDS was scheduled for here tonight.

The Phillies clubhouse is really getting bare.  Chris Roberson, Michael Bourn and Chase Utley checked in today to clean out their lockers.  All that remains are Jimmy Rollins’ and Cole Hamels’ lockers.  Athletic trainers Scott Sheridan and Mark Andersen continue to pack things in their area.

The uniforms are now in a storage room at the rear of the clubhouse, waiting to be shipped to Clearwater next February.

For those of us in the front office, it too is time to clean off the desk, files, etc.  When the season is over, vacation time kicks in for many of us. 

That said, we also will start making plans for 2008.  First meeting is tomorrow.


Great season Phillies !!!!…we’re disappointed only in not being able to still watch you play. We’re proud of you and what you bring to the game…a great example for my kids of giving 100% and then some and never giving up!!!!Thanks for fun ride…we’ll be there next year to cheer you on and see you go all the way!!

I’m just happy that we made the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. Plus there’s always next year.

I’m just happy we made the playoffs. Even though we didn’t make it past the first round, i’m still happy. There’s always next year.
YANKEES **** =)


I was born a Phillies fan, but the 93 Phils were my favorite bunch…until now.The strike hit and I lost a lot of interest in baseball until I got to know these guys! They captured my heart! They make you feel like you’ve known them all your lives! My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of the 2007 Phillies for appreciating us, the fans.

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