There's Still Hope

October 5, 2007

There’s still hope, believe me. 

Yes, the 2001 Yankees are the only team to rebound from 0-2 to win the series.  So, it is time for it to happen in the NL.  We certainly are capable of winning three in a row. 

Friday in Denver
81 degrees greeted the Phillies on a sunny afternoon at Coors Field.  The Phillies worked out at 1 this afternoon, the Rockies three hours later.

Flight here was last night was fine, except for about an hour delay while on the Philly runway.  We got to the hotel around 1 a.m., EDT.

Clubhouse was opened to the media at 12 noon.  Charlie and Jamie Moyer did the interview room at 2:30.

Players went about their business as usual before working out.  Moyer sat alone by his locker reading USA TODAY and several magazines; several players spent time in the work out room; Howard, Dobbs, Rollins, Victorino, Hamels, Myers, Gordon, Romero did group interviews; Burrell and Billmeyer played cards; Alfonseca was his usual self, needling his teammates; Utley spent a lot of time in the video room watching tapes of tomorrow night’s starter, RHP Ubaldo Jimenez; Condrey spent time with a crossword puzzle; others were working on sudoku.

Panic wasn’t anywhere.

Different Reception
The perception of the 2007 Phillies and 1993 Phillies is at extremes.

In 1993 when we arrived in Atlanta, a newspaper headline read, “Get the women and children off the streets, the Phillies are here.”  That was the reputation of the team, a bunch of bearded, gruff, wild bunch of misfits who just knew how to play baseball.

Back on July 8 this year in Denver, the current Phillies helped rescue some Coors Field groundskeepers who got caught under the tarp during a storm.  While there were no headlines in the Denver papers, fans out here still remember the Phillies heroics.

I’m sure TBS will show a clip of it tomorrow.

Coste to Coast
Chris’ comments will return tomorrow.  In response to some inquiries, his book Catching The Dream is scheduled to come the presses next spring training.

At least he has another chapter to add to the book.


We’ve rallied in the past and we can do it again. All Phillies fans know nothing comes easy.

Just take it one game at a time, and we can get right back in this thing!

One game at a time. Focus on that, not the need to win three straight. It can be done. We’ve done it before.

H I B A C H I !!!

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