All eyes on Denver

October 1, 2007

Stopped in the clubhouse this morning on the way to the office.  When I left that place last evening, the carpet was covered with bubbly and ice.  Crews shampooed the rug last night and were going to do it again this afternoon.

Players were told to report here at 11:30 for the noon Rally Monday at City Hall.  We had a police escort to get us there on time.

WOW.  What a turn out.  It looked like the red sea.  No doubt, this town has caught Phillies fever.  All along the bus route to and from the event, fans applauded, pumped their first, waived rally towels and cheered.  It was really cool, second only to the 1980 World Series parade.

Riding up there, I’m sure the players didn’t know what to think.  They knew what to think when they got there.

More fever, the Cira Centre building in the city will illuminate a Phillies ‘P’ beginning tonight through the conclusion of our postseason.

There’s a new pennant hanging above Citizens Bank Park, a white one with blue lettering “2007.”  It joins other Phillies teams who have won the Division, 1976, 1977, 1978.  Blue with white lettering represents the pennant winners and the red one with white lettering that is displayed in center field represents the 1980 World Champions.

TV Big Time
Yesterday’s clinching game on CW Philly 57 drew a 16.8 household rating/36 share, that’s 493,000 households or 734,000 viewers.

For those in the CW Philly viewing area, the game will be rebroadcast at 10 o’clock tonight.

Just more Phillies fever.

Tonight, all eyes will be on Coors Field and the Padres/Rockies. 

Some interesting comments were offered to last night’s blog.  Heartwarming to read about the fan with Parkinson’s disease and a chronic back problem.  “I was able to forget about my health problems and enjoy me team winning a championship.” Hopefully, we can keep up with that medicine.

And, thanks to a classy Mets fan congratulating us on a Phanatastic season.  Thanks, too, to your comments about me.


Hey idiot, look at the top of the page, this is a Phillies blog. Go post on the Mets one if it hasn’t been shut down yet. No body gives a **** what you have to say. If winning 13 of 16 doesn’t count as earning a playoff spot, then nothing does. And hey, we would have gladly “earned” it on Monday by spanking you at Citizen’s Bank, if you would have been able to win when it actually mattered. Better luck next year.

can someone please explain to me how the phillies get stuck playing two at three during the week at 3 in the afternoon? Some of us work how is that possible. The yankees don’t have a scheduled before 5pm not one. Its bad enough that half of the commercials for the playoffs feature the yankees and even the Mets but come on how about a little fairness in the scheduling. A chance to see a night game in october is rare. I guess the MLB schedule gods must be yankee fans.

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