Day of Rest

September 24, 2007

At this time of the season, players are physically and mentally tired.  It is part of the marathon called a 162-game baseball season.  For the first time since September 6, the Phils have a day of rest.  Adrenaline even gets a day off.

While the Phillies are idle today, their postseason rivals are playing: Mets hosting the Nationals and Padres in San Francisco.  So, the Phillies’ position in the standings will change without playing a game. To keep abreast of these games, check out throughout the night.

Tomorrow night, the Phillies begin their final homestand, three each with the Braves and Nationals.  The Braves are throwing their best starters, Chuck James, Tim Hudson and John Smoltz.  Anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy, someone once said.  Or, as Charlie Manuel says, “If you want to be the best, you need to beat the best.”

All fans coming to the game tomorrow Rally Towels, courtesy of Toyota.

Sunday’s regular season finale, Fan Appreciation Day, is sold out.  Tickets remain for the other five games.  The Phillies are on pace to draw three million for the third time in their history.  The home field advantage comes into play and Phillies fans will be whooping it up this week.

Remember: Saturday’s game time has been changed from 7:05 p.m. to 3:55 p.m. for FOX TV. 

Meanwhile, back in the office, we continue to make plans for the postseason.  We’ve been on this topic for about a month, following guidelines and deadlines from Major League Baseball. 

Areas being covered include ticketing (tickets are being shipped to season ticket customers), hotels, publications, security, media, television, hospitality, merchandising, ARAMARK and an event called Rally Monday, an MLB initiative started a couple of years ago.  Rally Monday faces the challenge of a tie-breaker game so alternate plans are being discussed.

Now that autumn is here, the challenge is to play fall ball.  (That’s an awful line, I must admit).

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Hi Larry,
You might want to check out my blog, “My Favorite Things.” While it usually is about jazz music and those who create it, I went off topic for the current post. Enjoy!

Russ Neff – Palmyra, PA

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