Power and Pen

September 22, 2007

Power and pen led the way last night. 

Power in homers by Ryan Howard (42), Pat Burrell (29) and Jimmy Rollins (29) and pen in the big three closing the door again, J. C. Romero, Tom Gordon and Brett Myers.

Perhaps unnoticed was the contribution of Geoff Geary.  He’s come on strong in the last couple of weeks and that has been a big plus.  He’s back to his form of a year ago instead of earlier in the year.

Adam Eaton won his 10th game.  There are a lot of Eaton critics out there but 10 wins is more than many other free agent pitchers from last winter, including Barry Zito. Yes, Eaton has a high ERA but the final standings are determined by the most number of wins.

Finally, the Padres have lost a game.  Thank you, Colorado. So the Phillies are 1.5 games out of two races, the NL East and NL Wild Card. 

J-Roll Milestone
Jimmy Rollins certainly is putting together an MVP-type season.  He reached a milestone with his 200th hit last night.  It has never been done by a Phillies shortstop.  That’s right, my good friend, Bobby Wine, never had 200 hits….in a season.

By reaching that number, J-Roll became the first player in baseball history with 200 hits, 15 triples, 25 homers and 25 stolen bases.  As Jimmy keeps putting up numbers, he’ll be reaching other levels that few have done.

One other note on Jimmy.  Everyone knows about his offensive numbers and Gold Glove defense.  His durability goes unnoticed.  Just think how easy it is on Charlie Manuel….he just writes Rollins into the lineup every day.

MVP Voting
In case you aren’t aware, two members of the Baseball Writers Association pf America in each city will vote for the MVP of the respective leagues they cover.  The ballots must be filed after the final day of the regular season.

1 Comment

Thanks for your blog – recently discovered here and very enjoyable.

“That’s right, my good friend, Bobby Wine, never had 200 hits…in a season.” LOL! Did he ever even bat .200?

Bobby had the arm *and bat* of a pitcher. With him, Mauch might have been justified using Larussa’s scheme and batting the pitcher eighth. The Phillies’ defense, though, with Wine and Tony Taylor up the middle seemed pretty strong at the time. A lot more going for the Phils these days!

Times have changed!

Don Hart

Nashville, TN

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