Utley Back in Lineup

August 27, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Utley, 2b; Burrell, lf; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Dobbs, 3b; Werth, rf; Coste, c; Durbin, p.

Yes, Chase is back.  He’s in the two hole tonight.  Getting his strength back in his right hand and his timing are the key issues from the offensive end.  Defensively, he shouldn’t have any problems.

To make room for Chase, Russell Branyan has been designated for assignment. 

Three-run home runs.  They are beautiful when we hit them and not so pretty when the enemy does.  Both yesterday came with two out, another key element to winning baseball….scoring two-out runs.

Yesterday’s explosive win was badly needed to stop the bleeding.  Now, we go nose-to-nose, toe-to-toe, belly-to-belly with the Mets.  It should be an electric series.

As much as enjoying the big win, it is time to move on to the next game.  Same story after a loss.

By winning three of the last four games with the Phillies, the Mets have a 6-5 advantage this season.  Prior to that series, the Phillies swept the Mets in New York.

Only thing we know, this is the last time these two clubs meet during the regular season in Philly, with three left in September in New York.

1 Comment

Chase should give us a lift tonight. What’s the status of Victorino? Werth has been solid in his absence.

Larry, You mention this is the last time they meet in the regualr season, I thought they still have one series at shea? Maybe I’m incorrect…

Only a couple hours to game time… Can’t wait…


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