You Gotta Believe

August 24, 2007

(The Phillies lineup won’t be posted today as I left Philly early this afternoon for Reading where Adam Eaton and Chase Utley are rehabbing in a 5:30 p.m. double-header against Akron).

The gray clouds that have followed the Phillies since Sunday in Pittsburgh finally parted for some sunshine yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the sun didn’t shine on the Phillies bats as they were held to two runs and five hits by three LA pitchers.

Going into the game, the Phillies had scored 216 runs in day games, the most of any team except the Cubs who play a lot more games in the sunshine. 

In losing four of their last five games, the Phillies’ .239 team batting average has produced just 20 runs.  The pitching has struggled during that time too, 6.35 ERA for the starters and 12.27 for the relievers.  Obviously, things need to change and soon.  Streaks follow streaks in this game and hopefully it is time to get both the offense and pitching going. As Tug McGraw used to say, “You gotta believe.”

Veteran vs. Veteran
The Padres weekend starts tonight with a pair of veterans who were originally drafted and signed by the Cubs, 41-year-old Greg Maddux against 44-year-old Jamie Moyer.

The Cubs drafted 30 players in the summer of 1984 and only two ever made it to the big leagues.  Maddux was a second-rounder and Moyer, sixth-rounder.  Since Maddux has 342 wins and Moyer 227, I supposed you could say the two draftees who did make it, made it big time.
I wonder if any other club has had a draft which produced 569 wins.

Dominican Dandies
The Guanuma Phillies of the Dominican Summer League won their 22nd consecutive game yesterday to clinch the Northern Division title.  The first round of the playoffs starts on Sunday.

The Phillies, managed by Domingo Brito, started the season 3-6.  Going into the last two games of the regular season, the Phillies are 45-17.  They last lost on July 23.

Kenny Fernandez, a 20-year-old right-hander, is the leading winner.  A reliever who has appeared in 12 games, Fernandez is 7-0 plus a save.

Minor League Review
For the latest report on the Phillies minor league system, check out


“You gotta believe” is right! Hopefully the team is living this philosphy. They were flat they’ve been flat the past few games.

This is a big weekend. The losses were terrible, but dwelling on it isn’t going to do any good.

Good stuff about Eaton and Utley. Eaton OWNS the Mets. Hopefully he can keep it up in his return.

Sorry to serve my opinion up but, without any pitching they were destined to whither on the vine…the Mets series is just going to nail down the lid until next season.

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