Forget Last Night

August 23, 2007

Today’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Iguchi, 2b; Burrell, lf; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Dobbs, 3b; Werth, rf; Ruiz, c; Castro, p.

Last night is over.  Four losses in the last five are over.  Got to focus on today and then tomorrow.  One day at a time.

A reader, admitting he was ranting, said nothing is more frustrating that losing guys to stupid injuries.  He also responded that he is a firm believer that injuries can be prevented.

Taking the first point, I don’t know that any of the injuries this year have been stupid.  Throwing a baseball is an unnatural physical act and that’s why so many pitchers get hurt.  Hardly a pitcher goes through an entire career without having some sort of elbow or shoulder injury.  If there was a “freak” injury, it happened to Jon Lieber, who was simply running to back up a play at home plate.  He ruptured a tendon is in his right foot.

Prevention?  The Phillies, and every other baseball team, have athletic trainers at every level of the organization.  They also have strength and flexibility instructors.  Players have access to more training facilities than ever.

But, it is a subject that will be reviewed by Pat Gillick, his staff and the medical staff.  At some point at the end of the season, be it regular season or post-season, the Phillies will have an organization meeting involving all the instructional personnel, medical people and scouts.   I’m sure it will be a topic heavily discussed.

To be fair to the reader, he also wrote that all the character in the world can’t make up for pitching.  Yes, pitching does set the tone.  Always has and always will.

Other teams are having pitching issues, too.  The Phillies won’t see Chris Young on Sunday.  The Padres right-hander went back to San Diego because of a back problem.  The Braves put LHP Chuck James (#3 starter) on the DL.  Their fifth starter is 0-4.  The Mets staff has basically been healthy all season.

Phillies History
In 1979, the Phillies lost three starting pitchers on July 4: RH Larry Christenson (groin pull), LH Randy Lerch (fractured left wrist) and RH **** Ruthven (ailing right elbow).

In 1976, the Phillies used 11 pitchers the entire season, 10 up until September 1.  That wasn’t normal.  So isn’t 2007.

I remember asking Johnny Podres one time, “How come there weren’t that many injuries to pitchers during his career (1950s)?”  He responded, “We drank more beer.”


The best it to forget. Last night was disasterous. I’m liking Castro today. We need a pick me up, and he might be the guy. The Phil’s are 5-1 in the third game of a series over the last six, so hopefully this will continue.

I feel honored to have an entire post directed towards my comments. It vastly improved my day! What I wrote wasn’t intended to critical of the club or anything of that nature. I was just taking advantage of this very rare opportunity to ask my questions to someone who’s actually involved in the situation. I talk Phillies baseball with my buddies until we’re blue (and red) in the face and never figure out anything. I really enjoy this blog, and will sorely miss it if you stop writing once you retire. Now that that’s out of the way, there is still an issue that bothers me. There are two words that I feel I’ve never been able to use in a positive sense as a Phillies fan. Streak and momentum. We all know that a 10 game home stand is a huge opportunity to do some damage. Why couldn’t they go out and take all 10? I realize this is unrealistic, but it’s not like a ball club has never won 10 in a row before, why not us? I’m aware that all 3 teams are very good, but I believe what I read, this team wants to win. They’re hungry for it. So what’s missing? They never seem to be able to get on a roll. They’ve won huge games this year in extra innings and in the bottom of the ninth, both huge momentum builders, but then always come out the next day and get rocked. Nothing would make me happier then the see the headline on “Streaking Phils Take Another.” I realize that this all could be entirely a mute point if they win the next 8, and believe me, I’m praying they do. I also realize that one can easily say that injuries are the major reason why any sort of momentum hasn’t be built, which is probably correct, and has already been discussed, but I had to write something!

After watching that mess today, it’s hard to forget last night. The offense fails to capitalize on opportunities and the “heart” that Myers has been talking about is no where to be found. The team didn’t look like they wnated to play a game today. Compeltely disgusting…

Not to take ANYTHING away from Derek Lowe or Chad Billingsley, but there are two pitchers who have struggled over the past month. They shut down the “NL’s best offense”, like the were a JV squad.

The problem on Thursday,as it has been all season,was a bullpen meltdown.Mesa and Romero are band-aids.Gordon proved yesterday that he cant be trusted in the late innings.Gillick &Co knew this problem existed in Spring Training.Joe Borowski,whom they refused to sign,would look pretty good right about now!

I cannot believe what I am watching! This Phillies team has no backbone of any sort. your teamate gets attacked by a cowardly opposing player and you guys just slither into the dugout and lick your wounds. i had tickets to tonights game and I am glad I didnt Go!!!!

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