Shane Returns

August 22, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Iguchi, 2b; Burrell, lf; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Victorino, rf; Dobbs, 3b; Cost, c; Durbin, p.

This is one of those good news, bad news bits.

Shane Victorino is back in right field tonight.  Finally, one coming back from the wounded.  But, Cole Hamels is headed for the DL. 

Hard to believe but 44-year-old Jamie Moyer and 35-year-old Antonio Alfonseca are the only pitchers from the opening day staff that have not spent time on the DL.  We should take a team picture in the trainer’s room.  The way things are going, the photographer would probably get injured.

Back in spring training, Pat Gillick said he liked the character of this team.  In his mind, character helps a team get through the tough times.  He couldn’t be more accurate.

On the field, the club just keeps on battling.  I know you’ve heard this before right here, but credit must go to Charlie Manuel and his coaching staff.  Charlie is always positive and that caries over to the clubhouse.

No one knows where the Phillies will finish this year.  But, we do know this team is full of heart and character.

Philly fans like athletes who bust a gut.  They should love this bunch.


What makes this team different from teams in the past is the heart. No matter who is out and who are they playing, they are always in the game.

Losing Hamels hurts, but hopefully it’ll only be until the 1st. Victorino’s return should spark the lineup.

Hopefully the injured return soon. Until then, let the heart and character carry the team!

All of the character in the world can’t make up for pitching, as was evident last night. As much as I love this team and the great group of guys that comprise it, they just can’t win without pitching. There’s also nothing more frustrating then losing guys to stupid little injuries. Save Utley and Bourn, no one went down due to “arron-rowand-esc” mishaps. I’m a firm believer that injuries can be prevented, so what is this team doing wrong? When teams are way out in front and cruising, guys don’t get hurt. When the Phillies are fighting to keep their head above water, they lose the whole roster; it just doesn’t make any sense. I apologize for this rant, but seeing this team struggle hurts me just as much as it hurts you, so I’m sure you understand. I was at all three games in Pittsburgh and I haven’t been able to get over that yet.

Also, any word on where Utley is going to rehab at? Any chance of Reading? They’re home this weekend!

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