Looking to Deal

July 30, 2007

Pat Gillick, Ruben Amaro and Mike Arbuckle are with the team in Chicago working the phones and trying to upgrade the starting pitching.  The trade deadline is 4:00 p.m. (EDT) tomorrow.

You’ve heard it before, but the demand for pitching is much greater than the supply.  With 10 NL teams still in the running for post-season play the market is tight because there are fewer teams willing to sell right now.  And, most of the ten are looking for arms.
The scarcity of arms and number of teams interested increases the price tag big time.

While Pat and his staff have been in discussions with teams, the pace has been slow.  However, the next phone call could be the one.  It takes a lot of patience, which reminds me of a cartoon I once saw: “Dear God, give me patience, but give it to me now.”

Because the deadline is tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that teams can’t make trades.  It just is a bit more complicated.

Major League teams will place a lot of players on waivers starting today.  The teams will then recall the players who are claimed.  Those players that clear waivers can then be moved at any time the rest of the season.

Three years ago the Phillies picked up a very serviceable pitcher in Cory Lidle from the Reds on August 9.

As they made a run for the post-season a year ago, the Phillies added three veterans in August: LHP Jamie Moyer (the 20th), INF Joe Hernandez (22nd) and 1B-OF Jeff Conine (28th).


Bill Robinson, a 16-year major league outfielder who played with the Phillies (1972-74; 1982-83) died yesterday in a Las Vegas hotel. 

He was a roving hitting instructor in the Los Angeles Dodgers and was in Vegas, home of their AAA minor league club.

The Phillies send their condolences to his wife Mary; son, William III; daughter, Kelley Ann and three grandchildren.

1 Comment

I think I like the Lohse trade. He’s more along the lines of a Lidle. I think there might have been a couple better options, but not at the price of Lohse.

So far I’m happy with what Gillick has done. Adding needed pieces without mortgaging the future.

An arm in the bullpen by 4:00 tomorrow would be icing on the cake.


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