July 29, 2007

Today’s Lineup
Bourn, rf; Iguchi, 2b; Rollins, ss; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Burrell, lf; Dobbs, 3b; Ruiz, c; Kendrick, p.

We all know the big man, Ryan Howard, was the league’s MVP a year ago.  After a slow start this season that included time on the DL, Howard is putting up MVP numbers again.

Chase Utley was doing the same thing.  Being sidelined with that broken right hand may affect his chances because he’ll miss up to four weeks of playing time.  If he continues to put up the numbers when he returns, Chase will still be a candidate.

But, there’s another Phillies who deserves MVP consideration…….J-Roll, also known as Jimmy Rollins, who now inherits the third spot in the batting order with Utley on the DL.

Consider these J-Roll numbers:
**1st in NL in triples (13), runs (88), total bases (243); tied for 1st in multi-hit games (41); 4th in extra-base hits (57) and hits (133).
**Leads all MLB switch-hitters in home runs (20).
**Leads all NL shortstops in homers, RBI, triples, extra-base hits, runs and total bases and he wasn’t an All-Star?  Ridiculous!
**Leads all MLB players with 448 runs scored since opening day of 2004.

The one stat that really stands out in my mind: leading the league in total bases. 

Trivia Question!
Who is the last shortstop to lead the National League in total bases?

First one to post the correct answer wins a baseball signed by Rollins. 

Burning Burrell Bat
Pat leads the major leagues with a .433 average during this month (26 hits in 60 AB).  He’s drive in 19 runs in his lat 19 games.

Midwest Bound
Phillies charter flight will leave after the game for Chicago.  The trip includes seven games against the 1-2 teams in the National League Central Division: four with the #2 Cubs starting tomorrow night and then three in Milwaukee against the #1 Brewers.

Tomorrow night’s game (7:05 EDT) is on ESPN.

In their last 48 games against the NL Central, the Phillies are 33-15, dating back to last season.


Nice to see Rowand back in the lineup.
The answer to the triva question would be Ernie Banks in 1958.

Larry, it would be interesting if you could describe some of the “everyday” aspects of a major leaguer. Things that fans don’t know, such as:
1. Do players get a live paycheck or is it direct deposit?

2. Do they have medical co-pays?

3. What type of deductions are taken out of a check?

4. What do they do with the “meal money”?

5. The minimum salary?

6. Do ballplayers eat during the games?

Any other things that “normal” workers do that ballplayers do as well?

Trivia answer: Rich Aurilia, SF Giants, 2001 with 364 TB. He’s played around the infield with the Reds and Padres, but he played SS that season.

AHHHH! Nix that answer… he didn’t lead the league that season… My bad.

Rogers Hornsby 1917 253 TB, he did it a few times after as a 2nd baseman.

Trivia answer: Ernie Banks 1958

Ryne Sandberg-Chicago Cubs

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