Rookies in Rotation

July 24, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Victorino, rf; Utley, 2b; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Burrell, lf; Dobbs, 3b; Ruiz, c; Kendrick, p.

Kyle takes the mound tonight.  As the final two months of the regular season approach, the Phillies have two rookies in their starting rotation, Kyle and J. D. Durbin.

A reader remembered two rookie pitchers played key roles in 1980, Bob Walk and Marty Bystrom.  Walk started the season 5-1 in AAA ball, was recalled in late May, won his first six decisions and finished 11-7.  Bystrom came up in September and was 5-0.

Myers Update
Brett Myers, pitching for the Clearwater Threshers at Tampa last night, struck out three and allowed one hit in one and one-third innings.  He was on a 25-pitch limit. 

Brett will have another rehab assignment tomorrow night in Tampa.  If there are no setbacks, he could be back in the pen later this week. 

If you add Brett to a bullpen of Tom Gordon, Antonio Alfonseca, Ryan Madson, Jose Mesa, J. C. Romero and Mike Zagurski, you have a combined ERA of 3.45.  That’ll work.

Trade Update
Pat Gillick in Marcus Hayes’ Daily News article today: “We’re going to continue to look and try to come up with something that can be an improvement.  Some of the stuff out there isn’t an improvement. What is out there might improve us but the asking price is off the wall.  Astronomical. 

“That might change by the 31st, but right now, you’re hearing these asking prices and you’re
saying ‘Your’re crazy.’”

One thing I will not do in this space is criticize the media.  That is not the purpose of the blog.  That said, the Daily News’ headline on Marcus’ story—“Gillick: Myers about the only pitcher who fits the budget right now.”  For those who are not aware, headlines are written by a person in the sports department, not the writer.  Whoever wrote the headline mistook the word “price” to mean dollars when it really referred to the quality or quantity of players required to make a deal.  As Pat has often said, the Phillies have financial flexibility.

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