Blown out

May 20, 2007

Today’s Lineup
Rowand, cf; Victorino, rf; Rollins, ss; Utley, 2b; Burrell, lf; Dobbs, 1b; Nunez, 3b; Barajas, c; Eaton, p.

Blown Out
Last night’s 13-2 blow out was the most runs scored against the Phillies since last July 31 when the Marlins romped 15-2 at Citizens Bank Park.  Back at ‘em today.  A win would mean two out of three and a 7-3 homestand.

Jamie Moyer carried a 13-7 career record against the Blue Jays into the game.  The Jays starting eight, however, had a combined .341 average with 10 home runs against him.  Jamie’s exit after 3.1 innings marked only the second time since he joined the Phillies that he didn’t pitch six or more innings.  It was his 17th start in a Phillies uniform.

Biggest Buzz
The biggest buzz of last night was the diamond rock Judy Heredia (Magnolia, NJ) received from Joe Capone when he proposed to her on PhanaVision during the fifth inning. Tearfully Judy nodded yes and then Joe slipped the huge ring onto her left hand.  The ring looked to be larger than Joe’s hometown of Holland, PA. The crowd loves engagements at Citizens Bank Park.  There’s always a buzz when the wedding song begins to play leading into the video feature.

Seeking Arms
Hank King, the Phillies advance scout, had a rare night at home and spent it at last night’s game.  King travels constantly, staying one series ahead of the Phillies.  He files written reports to Charlie Manuel and his staff the first game of every series.

The Phillies next four opponents are the Marlins (played six games against them last month), Braves (repeat of a series that started this month), Diamondbacks (Phillies were in Phoenix at the end of the last road trip) and Giants (four-game series in SF earlier this month).  So King will be heading out to scout the Phillies next four interleague clubs, Royals, White Sox, Tigers and Indians.

I asked King if sees any relief pitchers out there during his travels.  Hank laughed, “That’s the same question every scout asks every scout.” 

Speaking of scouts, there were 16 scouts at last night’s game.

Rain Delays
What do the Phillies players do during rain delays?  Check out John Brazer’s Fun ‘N Games blog on the home page of this site.

Trivia Note
Jim Thome, who will return to Citizens Bank Park with the White Sox on June 11, is currently on rehab with the Charlotte Knights where his manager is Marc Bombard, the Phillies first base coach the last two seasons.

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