Fish In Town

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, SS; Victorino, RF; Utley, 2B; Howard, 1B; Burrell, LF; Rowand, CF; Helms, 3B; Ruiz, C; Garcia, P.  This is the first time Garcia has faced the Marlins.

Game On
Dark gray morning got brighter as the day wore on.  In checking weather forecasts, the drizzly system is going to be moving out of the way as the evening progresses.  Might be a shower or two but the gates will open on schedule (5:35 p.m.). 

April Streak
Yesterday’s loss snapped a Phillies five-game winning streak, their longest for this month since 2001 (six).  More than six?  Try April 1953, eight.

Stingy GeoffGeary434sm
Reliever Geoff Geary has stranded 16 of 17 inherited runners this season which leads all major league pitchers.

Hot Bat
Aaron Rowand’s 14-game hitting streak has carried him from .250 to .364.  He’s been hitless in only three games this season.  During spring training, he couldn’t buy a hit.

RHP Marty Bystrom (1980-84) and INF Terry Harmon (1967; 69-77) will sign autographs for Hall of Fame customers before (6:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.) tomorrow’s game.  Phillies Alumni Club members signing autographs will be a monthly feature during the 2007 season.

Tour Guide
Greg Luzinski gave Aaron Boone (Florida Marlins infielder) a tour of Citizens Bank Park this afternoon.  Luzinski, who spends every game in “Bull’s BBQ” in Ashburn Alley, took Aaron to see his dad’s plaque in the Phillies Wall of Fame.   The Luzinskis and Boones were close-knit families who have remained that way.

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