Myers in the pen

Brett Myers to the bullpen.  As expected, the news got a lot of attention, pro and con. 

Some of the reaction is that the Phillies are desperate.  Right or wrong? I don’t know.

The idea was first discussed by Pat Gillick when he visited Brett Myers’ Jacksonville, FL, home in January.  Gillick had identified that the Phillies needed to bolster the bullpen.  That was an objective all winter and all spring training.

While in Clearwater, the idea of Myers to the pen resurfaced.  It never moved forward partly because both Freddy Garcia and Jon Lieber came down with injuries that would have them on the disabled list when the season started.  Myers had to remain in the rotation at that point.

When continued attempts to add to the back end of the bullpen depth didn’t materialize, the idea surfaced again.  If it can’t be fixed from the outside, then do something creative from the inside was part of a thought process.

Myers has the temperament, the physical ability and the willingness to go to the pen.  He is better suited for relieving than any other starter.

He certainly adds depth to the bullpen and that’s where the game is played these days.

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