Buzz, buzz

Monday night’s loss was followed by a verbal exchange involving Charlie Manuel and a Philly talk show host.

For over two years, this host has been heaving it on Charlie and Charlie had enough. 

The media didn’t. 

Cold Pizza wanted both this morning.  Charlie, and rightfully so, felt he had his say and the issue was over.  That was also the feeling of Pat Gillick and the organization.  So, the answer was no thank you to Cold Pizza, another live TV request and a live radio request. 

One of the local papers is doing a separate story tomorrow on the unfriendly exchange.  Heck, verbal abuses between those in uniform and the media isn’t new.  That’s life in sports.

The same paper wanted to check out a report that the Phillies have called a 4 o’clock press conference this afternoon.  That was an easy response, “Nothing is planned. Relax everyone, relax.”

Down in Washington, DC, where the Phillies opened a two-game series with the Nationals, Manual announced something else that created a buzz, Brett Myers is going to the bullpen and Jon Lieber to the rotation.  You can read all about it tomorrow

So much for a quite day in the office.


I’m a Sox fan.. of the White kind, the no hitter kind.. anyhow… I feel Charlie was in his right to say what he felt. These reporters egg our managers on to the point of blowing a gasket. Wish he could’ve punched that guy without provacation. I hope the Phillies association do nothing in a form of punishment. He doesn’t deserve it!!! Reporters twisted Ozzie’s words up about Sosa today too. They’ve got nothing better to do but provoke! Come on Phillies.. we CWS fans are watching you too!

When are the Phillies going to fire Charlie Manuel? They need to put a real manager on the bench. Not only can he not get his players to play for him, but he has proven to be a hot head who cannot control his temper in the face of hotshots like Howard Eskin. Might I suggest Milt Thompson calling the shots.

I don’t see the problem. The Phils have so many losses to get out of the way- they decided to do them early. Come August when they run off an 18 game winning streak then the boo birds like Howard will need to find another sport & manager to complain about.

All Howard Eskin did was delay the inevitable. Friday night vs. the Reds everyone talked about the good and bad of the pitching. Why don’t people see the obvious? Top of the 8th, Top of the 10th…nursing a 1 run lead. Both innings a runner is on 1st with 1 out (Utley, then Rollins). BOTH innings the next batter Burrell, then Victorino) swings on the FIRST pitch and grounds into double plays. Where’s all the steals we heard were coming? Perfect times both! Will someone PLEASE manage this team. The talent, which is sufficient, is going to waste…these players do what they want and feel no urgency. STUPID baseball. 5th inning Lieber on 2nd base, no outs…THREE pop-ups, after 1 feeble try by Rollins to move Lieber over to 3rd. Arghhhh! Joe Girardi stay loose!!!

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