Soggy Sunday

For a few days, weather forecasters predicted a heavy rain storm for the east coast today.  There are times when weather forecasters strike out but this time they didn’t swing and miss. 

The Phillies subscribe to an online weather service.  Mike Stiles, the VP of Administration and Operations, wears the hat of deciding if a game is to be played.  His rain alert staff met after Saturday’s game.  Right there on his computer terminal was a big green blotch, meaning heavy rain was going to hit practically the entire east coast.  Calls to other weather services resulted in the same forecast.

A list of topics had to be reviewed: checking with Major League Baseball for a possible rain date, when and how to notify the players and umpires, reporting times for the Phillies and ARAMARK game day staff, the possibility of rescheduling the Jackie Robinson Day festivities, Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Day, Southwest Airlines magnet schedule day and a post-game Modell’s Sporting Goods run the bases event, which outlet would televise the rescheduled game and when the media would be notified.

Rescheduling the game is a process in which MLB has to discuss the potential date with the Players Association.  A call was made Saturday night to begin that process so a decision could be announced today, if at all possible.  We wanted to alert the fans as early as possible of a new date.

A handful of Phillies office personnel arrived early this morning, mainly Stiles, PR, some ticket office staff, couple clubhouse staffers and ballpark ops.

In walking through the Phillies clubhouse very early this a.m., one noticed a note posted on the eraser board in the middle of the clubhouse: “Sunday-players report 10:30 a.m.”  Three racks of pinstripe pants were still hanging, now fully dried from their late Saturday night washing. 

Frank Coppenbarger, Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Services, contacted each player shortly after 8 o’clock to let them know the game was going to be called.  Three pitchers, Jamie Moyer, Cole Hamels and Geoff Geary, came in to work out.  Moyer also spent time going over the Mets hitters for his next start on Tuesday night.  He was comparing the detailed report of his last start on Thursday.

Charlie Manuel and his staff were there in the a.m.

There will be activity at some point in the Astros’ clubhouse, located behind the third base dugout.  The Astros would attempt to get out of town earlier than their scheduled evening charter flight.  Generally, the availability of an aircraft dictates when a team can leave.

Guess it is time to head home to wash windows.

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