Lost and found

A couple of friends met for lunch today at Samurai’s sushi bar in Rosemont.  Nothing unusual in today’s world, except this get-together was the interesting end to a strange situation that took place over one and a half years ago.

Former Phillies broadcaster Andy Musser was on an Amtrak train to Washington, D.C.  He went to the rest room to wash his hands and took off his 1980 Phillies World Series championship ring.  “I always took it off when I washed my hands,” he reported.  “I just put it on top of the washstand when the train jolted.  I stood there motionless as the ring flipped into the hopper.”  Musser’s first response isn’t printable.

Using common sense, Andy didn’t try to retrieve it.  Instead, he asked the Amtrak attendants for assistance.  The story didn’t have an encouraging ending as there was nothing that could be done immediately.

Andy learned that cleaning was done back in Long Island, but several phone calls were unproductive.  “I finally gave up,” said Musser.

Musser eventually had a duplicate ring manufactured because the situation seemed hopeless.

Larry Christenson, the ex-Phillies pitcher who toiled on the mound while Andy did his work in the broadcast booth, entered the picture recently.  As President of Christenson Investment Partners, “LC” has numerous clients in the mid-Atlantic business world. 

One of his clients is Ritchie Brooks, President of the Teamsters Warehouse Local 730 in the Baltimore/Washington area.  Brooks had an employee whose wife had an acquaintance at Amtrak. 

Yes, someone at Amtrak had come across a 1980 Phillies World Series ring with the name Andy Musser on the side.  Eventually, word filtered back to LC, who called Andy and set up today’s celebratory lunch.  The ancient ring sparkled again.

“I’m now the proud owner of two rings from 1980,” said a beaming Musser. 

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I am a Mets fan and have been one forever, and I think Jimmy Rollins is aces. He has handled this whole brouhaha with charm and grace and I hope you let him now he has some fans here in the NYC area!


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