Lineup change

It’s 8:10 a.m. on this opening day.  Fans are lined up all the way to McFadden’s to gobble up the 500 standing room tickets that go on sale in 50 minutes. 

The sun is trying to break through the fog that blankets South Philadelphia. 

Down in the Phillies clubhouse, most of the players are already here.  Some are downing breakfast.  New daddy Shane Victorino has his typical facial expression, an ever-lasting smile.

As one enters the clubhouse, there is an eraser board on the left.  That’s where Charlie Manuel posts the daily lineup.  The usual players are in today’s lineup but he made one change, a change that will create a buzz for talk radio, the media, and the message board.

Jimmy Rollins, SS
Shane Victorino, RF
Ryan Howard, 1B
Chase Utley, 2B
Pat Burrell, LF
Wes Helms, 3B
Aaron Rowand, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Brett Myers, P

The pre-game schedule says PLAY BALL at 1:05 p.m. 

A season-long marathon is about to begin.  Yes, a baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. The season gets underway in April but the goal is to be playing baseball in Philadelphia in October.


Dissapointing first game but it is only one game. Who creates the lineup, Charlie Manuel, Pat Gillick, David Montgomery or Bill Giles. Players and management need to worry more about winning and less on statistics. The free swinging phils strike out b/c they are out for big numbers. They are trying to be top fantasy players and not the top team. Numbers will come w/ winning. As for the experiment batting Chase 4th, terrible move. He will be unproductive like last year hitting in the 5th spot. For the Phillies personnel that analyzes every at bat, my suggestion would be to get creative. Victorino, Utley, Rollins, Howard, Helms or Burrell would be my line up. Utley’s hitting streak last year was the result of shortening his swing and not trying to hit the long ball in the 2 hole. He struggled in Aug. when Abreu left and moved to 3rd in the line up. Rollins swings away no matter what and that will not change. I like him batting third to break up the 2 lefties. This line up couldn’t hurt. The thing that does hurt is the organazation’s lack of consistency and stability. Who knows what the cards hold for the back of the starting rotation?

I hope this experimental line up is ended soon,regardless who makes out the lineup!Yesterday’s game was proof of that!!Howard thrown out at home plate,maybe utley would have been out too,but i doubt it!!!Goosebumps!! Here’s a simple solution to the lineup,Utley 3rd,Burrell 4th Howard 5th,the opposing team has to pitch to Burrell and he’s proven he can hit a fastball!! OUCH!! This should keep the media abuzz!!! It’s early and 2 games are not a season,and about 60 or so games to experiment with,were gonna need 90-93 wins or more to get in the playoffs and I don’t know if charlie is gonna be around to reap the rewards!! I doubt Howard is gonna be Fired!if these experiments Fail!!! Let’s hope someone get’s this right,us diehards are still feeling the anguish from the past 2 seasons!!! Enough said LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking Lineup changes what about the TV Booth….What have they done….Gary Mathews..nice guy…Great Phillie..Knowledgeable but DULL…UNEXCITING…makes Harry Kalas and Wheeler(who I do like) sound like they are not sure of what they are saying and when to say it..Scott Graham was not my favorite yet but he was exciting…he was a Philly guy and had a strong voice..and knows his stuff…only drawback is he thought he was equal to Harry K(in his knowledge of the game)…He could be the next Harry the K if he justs does not try to outdo him now…BRING HIM BACK..JOhn Marzano and Mitch William and even Hugh Douglas could do better than the Sarge….Keep him and bring him along but not where he is now!!!

Back to the TV Booth..I did not hear Larry Anderson…He is part of the good team of Phillies announcers….Things do not sound the same on TV or Radio…I am not used to the new guy from last year.

Same old Same old
We were promised something exciting and new and guess what we are off to the same start as years past. The bullpen is absolutely attrocious. If the starters are doing great let them at least start the next inning what harm could have that been. Obviously what is being done is not working. I have been a fan all my life but I do not even want to watch anymore because it is disgusting.

Speaking of bullpen, why is Jon Lieber in the bullpen, when Adam Eaton had a horrible spring and not a great start to the season either. My opinion is to put liber back in the atarting rotation when he returns and eaton in the bullpen, or just get rid of him, and his 17.00 era. I think are starting rotation is going to be great and so far this year other then Eaton it has been, like the other guy said leave them in for that extra inning, I like how Tom Gordon started in the same place he left off too, giving up them grapefruits, and madson ewww i dont even know what to say about this kid, Now Condrey i think he would be a great setup man, anyone else agree?? I think once we start clicking i think we will be the team to beat, and make the P/O. But they better hurry cause them mutts are on their game, at least till their pitching really catches up to them too, cause they really do not have a starting rotation like ours, they are old, and with pedro not returning for awhile we better get a jump on things, the braves bullpen help has halped them out alot, the marlins no run this year. Well enough talking , LETS GO PHILSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!

OK,Charlie changed the lineup,the results are posted,Oh those Goosebumps are turning into neuropathy!!!!Yes I think we can turn this around!!The game we did win if you noticed Moyer called the game not the catcher,and that’s the problem!!!These 2 new catcher’s need a “Spalding Manuel” or at least check out the scouting reports on the opposing team!!Or get Tim Macarver down here for a seminar on how to call a game!!This is not the broadcast booth,which could use a line up change!!Where’s L.A.?LETS GO PHILLIESSSSSSSSS!!!

I never understood in the first place why we got Baraja. We have Coste and Ruiz. Baraja has been a marginal major leaguer. Yesterday they pinch hit for him with Ruiz. My question is why start him if you think Ruiz is the better hitter. Secondly, Coste proved he can hit and more importantly he can hit in the clutch. So what do the Phillies do, send him to AAA. Another poor decision.

I totally agree with you on the coste, and barajas thing, coste was such a cluth player and would probably still have been. Rbi were preety decent too, and right now we all know we need someone to be able to hit ppl in, were stranding way too many

Let’s begin to solve the current problem with hiring a pitching coach.

In my April 3rd post I created a new look line up that will produce. Utley needs to hit second. Every at bat he wants to kill the ball. I’d liken him to a left handed Derek Jeter whose reputation hasn’t been squashed b/c he doesn’t hit 30 hr’s a year. The biggest change being J. Rollins batting 3rd. Now that he’s leading the NL in home runs I think it’s worth a shot. Why not, since only the 1995 Reds made the playoffs after starting the year 1-6 in the last 30 years. Phil’s need to win the Astros series for Charlie to keep his job. Good chance Phil’s get hot, the team loves Charlie and they need to win to keep the old timer in town. Otherwise he’ll be packing his bags to go home to West Virginia.

Where is Coste? No production from the catching position again tonight against the Mets. I am sick of watching.

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