Spring training baseball for 2007 is “Outta Here!” as Harry Kalas would say.

It all started in Clearwater, FL, on the last day of February when the Phillies defeated Florida State University.  It ended yesterday at Citizens Bank Park with a loss to the Red Sox.  Off those two results, I suppose one could say the Phillies would be the favorite in the College World Series and an underdog in the World Series against Boston. 

Looking ahead, here are some predictions:

**The Phillies roster that is introduced tomorrow will change, possibly as early as a week into the season.

**People are concerned with questions about the Phillies.  Relax, every team has question marks.

**The Phillies will run off a 7-game winning streak and euphoria will be sky high.

**The Phillies will lose 7 in a row and people will head for the Walt Whitman Bridge.

**Charlie Manuel will get blamed for something.  It happens every year.

**Chase Utley will have an MVP season.

**Jimmy Rollins will add a Rawlings Gold Glove to his trophy room.

**Ryan Howard will go on a home run spree and will be asked, “How many homers will you hit?”

**Ryan Howard will hit a dry spell and will be asked, “How many homers will you hit?”

**Brett Myers will challenge for the Cy Young Award.

**Aaron Rowan will continue to dazzle in center field making unbelievable catches.

**Someone will complain that the players don’t sign autographs.  It happens ever year.

**Citizens Bank Park will continue to be the place to be in Philadelphia.

**At some point, the media and players will cross wires.  It, too, happens every year in Philly.

**Harry Kalas will blurt out his famous home run call, creating goosebumps.

**Personally, I will boycott Turkey Hill’s chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream in the Press Dining Room.  (Now, that’s April fool!).

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jimmmy rollins! I thought u clowns were the team to beat? What happened? Well you were right 3 games played, and u were the team to beat in all 3 of them ahhhhh

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