Clearwater notes

**Players spent a little more an hour with Richie Garcia, one of Major League Baseball’s Umpire Supervisors before taking the field this morning.  He was going over some new rule changes and responding to questions.  It is something that takes place every spring training in every team’s camp.

**Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., a nutritionist will address the team.  Baseball players have different schedules (night game-day game-night game, airplane rides, hotels, meals at 2 a.m.) and the Phillies want the players to focus on proper eating habits and diets. I better listen.

**The Phillies will be playing Florida State University next Wednesday evening at Bright House Networks Field.  Charlie Manuel saw FSU improve to 10-0 on TV the other night.  “Better call Hank and have him check out the Seminoles,” joked Manuel.  Hank is Hank King the Phillies advance scout.

**The Phillies are a big hit with national TV.  FOX has scheduled them nine times, more than the World Champion Cardinals.  ESPN is going to do two spring training games from Bright House Networks Field, March 22-23.  That’s a first by my friendly memory.

**When Jamie Moyer threw BP yesterday, every pitch was from the stretch.  “I always work from the stretch early in spring training.  The most important pitches I have to make in a game are from the stretch.”  Moyer is dynamite as an unofficial instructor.  Young pitchers can learn a lot.

**Moyer, Tom Gordon and Michael Bourn have been added to the list of Phillies who will be signing autographs tomorrow night at the eighth annual Phan Fest.  Details can be found on the main page of this website.

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