Grab a bat

Day 7 was pretty normal.  The major change from yesterday was batting practice.  Instead of the coaches and instructors throwing BP, 16 different pitchers had the honor.  It is a routine that will carry over until the games begin next week.

Highlight, or lowlight, of the day was batting practice for writers and TV sportscasters from Philly who are covering camp.  Milt Thompson and Bill Bliss (Williamsport pitching coach) took turns throwing BP.

Jim Salisbury (Inquirer), Todd Zolecki (Inquirer), Marcus Hayes (Daily News), Randy Miller (Bucks County Courier), Dennis Deitch (Delaware County Times), Mike Radano (Camden Courier-Post), Rob Maaddi (AP) and Ken Mandel ( were the writers who swung the bats on the Richie Ashburn Field.

From TV land, Jamie Apody (Channel 6), Jade McCarthy (Channel 10) and Don Bell (Channel 3) took turns.  McCarthy got the biggest cheer when she hit a ball that landed three feet beyond the pitcher’s mound. Apody could swing the bat, hitting several line drives.

Reversing the roles: Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Aaron Rowand took the microphones and asked the questions….between laughs.  Howard attempted to coach Jade…”Swing now.  Too late.  Swing now.  Come on, swing now.”

Charlie Manuel watched from behind the left field fence.  “I’d say the media should stick to what they are doing,” he laughed.

Getting exposure for your team is the primary role of a PR person.  We attempted to have a national TV network cover the event.  Unfortunately, the Comedy Channel said no.

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