January 2007

By The Numbers

**Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins combined for 362 runs scored, 576 hits, 115 homers and 334 RBI, tops in the majors.

**10,000: increase in the number of spring training tickets sold at Bright House Networks Field compared to this time a year ago.

**13 years: Phillies haven’t been in the post season since 1993, as we all know.  Last season, the Blue Jays finished higher than third place for the first time since winning the World Series in 1993.  The Phillies have finished higher than third each of the last three years.

**0: Number of E-A-G-L-E-S chants heard last Sunday.

**Unknown: Number of contract questions asked of Ryan Howard this week.

**61: Number of players who will be in the Phillies spring training camp.

**6: Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Days at Citizens Bank Park this season.

**14: Number of days until the equipment truck is loaded for the journey to Clearwater, FL. 

**113,874,498: Number of fans who have seen the Phillies play since they joined the National League in 1883.

Happy New Year

The holidays are over.  Holiday bells are being followed up by holiday bills from the friendly credit card companies.  That’s part of the January reality world.

In the Phillies’ world, January is time for the annual Winter Caravan, or, as we call it these days, the Winter Tour. (Check “Press Releases” on this site for details).

This is our 38th straight year of reaching out to fans throughout the tri-state area.  No other pro sport team in the city can match this tradition.

It all begins with a January 9 banquet in Williamsport, celebrating the return of Phillies minor league baseball to this Pennsylvania city.  The Cutters Hot Stove League Dinner and Auction will be attended by Phillies personnel, including **** Allen.  Allen played for the Williamsport Grays in 1962, the last year the Phillies were in the city.

There are numerous other banquets this month, meaning we will be up to our ears in chicken dinners. 

Ryan Howard is going to be honored at numerous banquets, the Negro League Museum in Kansas City, Boston, St. Louis and New York Baseball Writers Association of America annual events, and the Philadelphia Sportswriters Banquet.  Chances are beef will be mixed in with some chicken at these banquets.

January also means receiving information for income taxes that are due in April.  Uncle Sam Grinch!

On the bright side, January means spring training is just around the corner…six weeks until pitchers and catchers take to the green fields of Carpenter Field in Clearwater.

Oh, there’s also an annual banquet in Clearwater next month, the Clearwater For Youth Banquet.  Chicken, southern style!