“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”.  What’s that? Trash the musical notes?  You prefer baseball notes? Well, OK.

YOUNG ARMS: Why have the Phillies traded Daniel Haigwood and Gio Gonzalez, two young lefties that got a year ago from the White Sox? 

At the winter meetings last year, the Phillies moved up in the Rule 5 draft in an effort to claim lefty reliever Fabio Castro from the White Sox. Texas, instead, grabbed Castro with an earlier pick and then asked waivers during the season.  The Phillies worked out a deal with the Rangers, sending Haigwood to Texas for Castro. 

Castro, 21, did well out of the pen after joining the Phillies despite his inexperience.  He has a high ceiling.  He is closer to the big leagues than Haigwood or Gonzalez.  Some believe the latter is 2-3 years away from the majors. 

To obtain a quality starter like Freddie Garcia, you have to give up something good.  Plus, the Phillies feel they have other lefties coming in J. A. Happ, Matt Maloney, Joshua Outman, Daniel Bauer and Derek Griffith.

NUMBERS: Phillies’ $24 million contract with Adam Eaton raised some eyebrows among some clubs and some members of the media.  Eaton has a 54-45 career record which is similar to other free agents who got big bucks, Ted Lilly (59-58, $40 million), Gil Meche (55-44, $55 million) and Jason Marquis (56-52, a reported $21 million).

Did somebody say it pays to be a pitcher?

QUOTE: “They’re (the Phillies) good.  Any team that has Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Brett Myers and Cole Hamels is going to be good.  They’ve got a bunch of games over there,” Mets’ GM Omar Minaya told’s Jason Stark.

SORRY: Most sought after Phillie in the trade market has been Cole Hamels.  Response was easy, sorry.

RULE 5 DRAFT: Phillies took three, RHP Alfredo Simon, RHP Jim Warden and C Ryan Budde (no relation to ex-Eagles coach Buddy Ryan).  When building the Blue Jays in the 1970s, Pat Gillick was able to pluck three plumbs from this annual winter draft, OF George Bell, 3B Kelly Gruber and 1B-OF Willie Upshaw. 


Thanks for answering my questions, appreciate it. The last items on my offseason agenda are:

What will the Phillies do differently this year to avoid the horrific start that’s plagued them for 2 consecutive seasons?

What gives with the broadcasting booth?

HOF’er, Harry the K is an institution, why isn’t he locked up yet? Can you shed any light on Graham’s, unexpected from a fan’s perspective, departure?

Finally, when are we going to see Scott Palmer in the booth?

I swear I have no more questions.

Hi Larry,

Guess you heard that Tommy Herr will manage the Nationals’ A team in Hagerstown, Md. this year, after two years of managing the Lancaster Barnstormers. How can I find out Tommy did against Tug McGraw?

marv adams

Lancaster, Pa.

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