Inside the Phillies

Adding depth to the bullpen . . . Signing Randy Wolf . . . Picking up a big bat to help the middle of the lineup . . . Is the bat an outfielder or a third baseman?

Pat Gillick has been working for quite a while reviewing options.  He’s had numerous conference calls with the Phillies’ pro scouts, his staff and advisors.

Next week (Nov. 6-10), the intensity picks up.  Pat will hold a week-long meeting with advisors, staff, Charlie Manual and his coaches, pro scouts, scouting supervisors and major league athletic trainers.  The meetings will take place at Citizens Bank Park. 

Pat, Ruben Amaro Jr. and Mike Arbuckle will head the Phillies delegation for the General Manager’s meetings that will take place in Naples, FL, later this month (13-17).  Baseball’s annual winter meetings will be held at Disney World the first week of December (4-7).

Free agents, trades and the international market will be explored in an effort to fill the Phillies shopping list.

Get ready for some wild rumor rides. 


I know that nobody in the front office wants to talk about it but, how long are Ryan Howard and his agent going to be slient about the 350,000 he made last year. Of course the Phillies don’t have to do anything for two more years. My question is do you want him to sit and wait for some sort of half hearted justure when a long term deal could be made. Ryan Howard with a 10 year 50 million dollar deal would be a steal.

PLEASE no more talk about Joe Borowski, David Weathers, Rheal Cormier, Wes Helms, or Miguel Batista.

All losers. I would rather have a bunch of rookies out of our minor leagues that cost a heck of a lot less and will give us more. Don’t you think that if you pick any 5 players from our minors and match them up with this group the stats would not be too much different. The only difference would be millions less in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so we can afford a couple of very good players.

Thanks, Denny, NC.

I was wonder if I could do some visual effects with one of the players of Phillies? I really admire this team, and I want to put that effects in the homepage of my website under the rotoscoping with the guys playing the game, and maybe you could also post it here. Waiting for your reply.

Michelle Arcenal

i dont understand as i 26 year phillies fan how the fans havent turned on this team? we havent made the playoffs for 13 years….not signing another bat to protect ryan howard is just plain ridiculous. why cant the phillies be the team that takes a risk? Soriano maybe one of the top 5 players in baseball. Keeping burrell is just gone to make things worse. If i was a major league pitcher i would consitently pitch around Ryan and pitch to the strikeout king burrell. He shows no fire or emotion and other then having an above average arm in left field he is a liability. A new GM same old thing in Philly another dissapointing season, the funny thing is i almost spend $4000 on season tickets, but by not getting a starter with any worth and the best free agent signing is Wes Helms…haha, i decided against it. Come on Phillies Fans lets get your voices heard. What ever happened to maybe at least trying to sign Carlos Lee he could hit 50 homers out of this park?

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