E-Mail Responses

Q—How many baseballs do the Phillies use in a season?
Tom: “For an entire year, spring training through the season, the Phillies use on the average 3,000 dozen baseballs.  That just covers the major league team, not the minor leagues.” 

Q—Will Jamie Moyer be back with the Phillies next year.
Hewbyrd: “Jamie has indicated he is going to talk with his family and then make a decision.  You are correct in that he did a great job for the Phillies.  He did exactly what Pat Gillick had hoped.”

Q—Why was Charlie Manuel brought back?
Sam T.: “Pat Gillick was quoted in the Inquirer yesterday: ‘I think overall that Charlie has done a very good job because one of the things that I think is very, very important is that he keeps the players in a right frame of mind to go out there day in and day out.  I think that’s very important.  I think he keeps players in a great state of mind.’ 
In Charlie’s first two seasons, the Phillies have won 173 games.  Only one other manager in Phillies history, Pat Moran won more (181, 1915-16).  Credit needs to go to Charlie.  One other point, when the Phillies had that horrible June, Charlie didn’t panic.  He remained positive and stressed to the players the importance of staying focused.  The players responded.”

Q—When will the National League MVP be announced and what are Ryan Howard’s chances?
Karol: “Awards are normally announced the first week after the end of the World Series.  Voting is done by the end of the season by baseball writers so the postseason doesn’t have any bearing.  Several prominent media personalities, including ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark, ESPN’s John Kruk, Jeff Brantley and Steve Phillies and SI’s Jon Heyman, have already stated publicly that Howard should win.  Chase Utley’s year should also have him in the mix.”


I don’t beleive Ryan Howard is eligible for a pay raise this year.

Will he get one anyway? Be a crime if he didn’t….

Do the Phillies have any interest in Aramis Ramirez. I think he would be a perfect hitter to bat behind Ryan Howard. He would also solve their third base problem.


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