Never Give Up

Charlie Manuel trotted out his regular lineup for this afternoon’s final game, the first meaningless game for the Phillies in the last two seasons.  Meaningless in that the Phillies were eliminated in game #161 on Saturday as opposed to a year ago when they were sent home after the last game.

The final road trip read: 3 wins, 3 losses, an 11-inning game, a 14-inning game and a 4-hour, 27-minute rain delay.

Some players headed for their off-season home after today’s loss.  Others boarded the charter flight back to Philadelphia.  Some of the players will pack tonight, some tomorrow and others may do so later in the week. 

Some players will be in Clearwater next spring, which is something like 138 days away.  Others will not return. 

There are far more plusses on this team than minuses.  Pat Gillick and his staff will start the process of looking for ways to improve the team for 2007.  It should be an interesting winter.

A championship remains the goal of the organization.  “Never surrender, never give up.” 


I am highly disapointed at the way the season ended. It would not have been this bad if they did’nt let the Nats beat them so badly. How could a team with so much offense leave their swings at home with such rotten pitching? The only problem the Phils have is their lack of consistancy. This was the biggest seesaw ride I ever witnessed. The blame lies everywhere, from Skipper on down. Bad choices for pitching. Bad choices for pinch hitters. And the acquisition of Conine who killed the Phillies from the outside before, and continued from the inside! When Manuel saw he could’nt hit a football with Soriannos long bat, he should have benched him. OH WELL! Just another sad ending for this team.

what are the chanches of jamie moyer being back with the Phils next year
He did a fine job during the stretch and if he had been with the club the entire year could easily have won 15- 18 games. Do you feel he will be back next year?

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