Gloomy Saturday

6:46 p.m.

That was the time on my home computer when the Padres’ game ended in Phoenix.  I was clinging to hope on GameCast.  But San Diego won.  A few minutes earlier, the Dodgers won, thus eliminating the Phillies from a postseason berth on the last day of summer, a gloomy Saturday.

The wild ride that started after the July 31 trade deadline didn’t end with a wild card.

It is disappointing, frustrating, upsetting, demoralizing—whatever you want to call it—for everyone, Charlie Manuel and his staff, the players, everyone in the organization and the passionate Phillies fans. Winning a championship is the Phillies’ goal. 

Oh, the Phillies have had winning seasons in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and this year but a winning record falls short.. 

It sort of reminds me of the 1976, 1977 and 1978 seasons.  The Phillies won the Eastern Division pennant each year but never made it to the World Series. 

Tomorrow the book closes on the season, game #162.  The team will return home.  Players will pack their belongings at Citizens Bank Park on Monday and then head for their homes.

While the Hunt for October won’t play in Philadelphia this year, there’s hope for next season.  There’s a lot young talent on the club.  Will spring training ever get here?


Hi, I’ve never read your blog before but I’ve found myself bummed out (understatement)for the last hour since I was able to bring myself to check the scores and looking for others who were as bummed as myself. My older brother who is my faithful Phillies fan partner was chiding me for getting emotionally involved with the Phils because they break your heart almost every time. I guess maybe since I’m a girl I can’t help it. But seriously, how could you NOT get involved? I was telling myself last night while watching the game that regardless of what happens, I sure have enjoyed watching the Phils this year. The club has provided me with experiences not just this year, but my whole life that I will never forget and because of that, as down as I am now, I join you in looking forward to spring training and what my bro keeps calling “the new era.” Disappointed? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. Looking forward to next year??? Even more. Long live the Phillies.

Subtract Pat Burrell, add Aramis Ramirez, put Michael Bourn in the outfield with Victorino and Rowand, shore up the bullpen, and let’s go!

When Phils management sent Bobby Abreau to the Yankees, they were making a statement that they were giving up on the year..and money was the issue. Then the young guys, Rollins, Utley and Howard kept the season going and the Phillies need to get some stars to insure victory (as the Mets and Yankees do) but the management failed to give the Phils great young players that support. Thus another loss in the wild care race.

I want the Phillies players to know that my mother cried when Victorino caught that ball for the last out, to allow the team to win last night. She watches all televised games or listens on the radio. She literally yells and cheers at the TV. She knows from the first game to the last that every game counts. I tease her that every game is the World Series to her. Please remember her loyalty, when you are tired or down. Fans really care.
Next year, use the slogan, “Never surrender, never give up” from Galaxy Quest. She never gives up on the Phillies and her heart is broken yet again. I don’t want to see anyone give up until the game is over. We sat in Row One, First Base side at the Sept 18th game and we saw that you, the players gave up and the game was NOT over! You are lucky to “Play” the game of baseball for living. Most people would give up a great deal to be in your place and yet you take it for granted. Remember next year, when you hear a fan yell, it is because they are “IN” the game with you. Play your heart out or go home! Never surrender, never give up! Thanks for a great year! We sure had some fun. Keep everyone and give a raise of 4% like all us working folks pray for, except for Ryan Howard who deserves a king ransom for his talent. We love our Phillies!

Excellent point mcdinan. Most of these guys forget what a priviledge it is to play ball for a living. I remember Richie Ashburn telling the story about the time he confronted Von Hayes and Mike Schmidt about their “soup line” faces. He pointed out the millions they were paid to play a kid’s game. They both shook their heads and looked at Whitey like he was crazy.

As for this year….same old Phillies.

first timer in blogging but a phillies phan since Whitey Ashburn patrolled the outfield in philly. Have to say that the team is the first reason not getting into the show by not getting men on base in. would like to know how many men were left on base especially on 3rd base for the whole season. would bet that the phils had the most also most hitting into double plays with bases loaded….we fell 2 games short and 1 game short last season and i think its the managers fault. manager should win at least 4 games a year with his decisions but mayberry didnt. we have a great start for next year but need a lead off on base hitter, a better middle game bull pen. don’t understand why we got rid of rheal should have been madson

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