Tough, tough loss

Tonight’s lineup:
Jimmy Rollins, ss
Shane Victorino, cf
Chase Utley, 2b
Ryan Howard, 1b
Jeff Conine, rf
Chris Coste, c
David Dellucci, lf
Abraham Nunez, 3b
Cole Hamels, p

At this stage of the season, any defeat is a tough one.  Last night’s was more than a tough one, especially when replays of Chase Utley’s disputed home run are run over and over on TV.

Umpires have tough decisions to make.  Being humans, they will make mistakes and there are no instant replays to review ala football.  I hope baseball never gets to that point, but it sure would have been nice last night.

Fans have inquired as to why we didn’t protest the game.  Unfortunately, you can’t protest an umpire’s judgment call. 

While the team is the focus, as it should be, there’s a lot going on elsewhere in the organization.

For example, Pat Gillick has a battery of scouts following possible postseason opponents.  More and more information, especially current information, will be very valuable should the Phillies advance to postseason play.

Scouting assignments: Billy Moore/Jim Fregosi Jr. are following the Padres; Del Unser and Dean Jongewaard, the Dodgers; Jongewaard is also catching the Oakland A’s along with Brian Kohlscheen; Sonny Bowers and Mike Ledna, have both the Cardinals and Twins; Ron Hansen and Sal Agostinelli, the Mets; Gordon Lakey and Unser, Tigers; **** Lawlor and Gene Schall, Yankees.

Hank King continues as the Phillies advance scout, scouting their next opponent.  He has an extensive file from the season and past seasons. 

At some point, all the information will be gathered and made available to Charlie Manuel and his staff.


Unfortunately, this is the way of the Phillies. No matter the players, they seem to find a way to blow big game after big game. Even last years team when people talked about the great September record, they were swept by the Stros. Then in the last week of the season they lost 2 games to the Mets to start the last week of the season, ala the same this year now to the Stros and Nats. I know this years team was written off by all at the end of July and you will say we should be proud of this team. I am happy they fought too. I just get frustrated year after year, no matter the players, at just coming up short. And there is always an excuse. Yeah, Utleys non HR is tough, but the bottom line is the Phils had an early 2 run lead(again) and blew it to a team it has no business losing to in a game like this. As for Charle Manuel, as the other emailer wrote, we all know he will be back playoffs or not since he has one more year under contract. The Phillies hate to pay a guy to not be there even if he is a hinderance to the teams winning games. Of course the Phillies may get a new manager if they can find a cheap one to replace uncle Elmer, assuming the Phillies see fit to fire him. That would be the only way. Just wondered, how is Jim Leyland doing in Detroit? Thanks Monty, Wade, and co for that one. All that said here is hoping they make it, but I just dont see it. Maybe I am just blinded by my years of frustartion though.

I’m certainly no fan of Chuckles, but I fail to see how Jim Leyland would be a vast improvement. If anything, I’d snatch up Girardi and take the hit on Manuel’s pay. Otherwise, you might just use him while Gillick does his thing because there most managers out there are just as clueless.

However, I’d like to put in a good word for my Uncle Joe Maddon. He and Girardi know how to run a team.


I am not sure how you fail to see how Jim Leyland would not be a vast improvement over Chuckles. However, I agree on Joe Girardi totally. If he is there go for it, though nit sounds like he wants to go to the Cubs from all I hear, but who knows. As for your uncle, why not? He sure must have at least as much a clue as Manuel, probably more.

Last night Pat Gillick made the statement that the Phils don’t presently have a bona fide leadoff hitter. Why isn’t Shane Victorino given a chance at it? With his speed, bunting ability (and willingness to bunt), I think he could be ideal. He’s also a better center fielder than Rowand.

I must agree with will, Charlie has to go he’s like a cancer effecting the whole team. I would also look at the rest of his staff. Joe Girardi would be a great choice. I think Rowand is a very over rated player. I would much rather see Shane Victorino have his spot. I will bet the Phillies will screw over Shane if Rowand comes back for the post season if they make it there. If they don’t make it I think they could look back a find many poor moves on Manuel’s part. Just look at the running mistakes Borne has made,he a rookie that isn’t ready for the majors. Charlie never moves the runners Charlie puts in 200 hitters as pinch hittes people who have not had a hit in 20 at bats. and the fact that they traded David Bell for what, David Bell made errors because he gave every play his all. If a ball goes by your left or right and you have not made an effort you don’t get an error. Nooner is not a good third baseman. I could go on and on. Why play Pat the Bat when he has been hurt. It has only turned the fans against him. I am happy to see Bobby Abreu gone, he was a selfish player. Look at him go on the Yankee’s
It like someone turned on a switch. I wonder where those timely hits were for the Phillies? Well that my outlook of the Team

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